Friday, May 28, 2004

Friday, May 28, 2004
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Chiron Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde

The horse racing article sprang from my head this morning, as fully formed as Athena sprang from Zeus’s head. Finished it, rewrote it, proofed it, fact checked it, proofed it again, and got it to the editor, who was pleased. It’s short and sweet, with some very good writing. Hopefully, this series will give me some strong clips that I can use to get further work sports writing work.

Now, I have to hunker down and get back to work on The Widow’s Chamber.

Four episodes of The Widow’s Chamber. It’s going well and I don’t want to lose momentum, so I may focus on that the whole weekend and get this arc completed. I want to get the characters out of Nashville and onto the steamboat down the Mississippi. The sequence pertaining to Alva Benning’s rescue is important because it sets up what Frank really does for a living and ties into the political concerns of the time.

I got Daisy Montagu’s voice back, which is a relief. I think she was just sulking because she hasn’t been front and center for the last set of episodes. Ainthe, on the other hand, will run away with the entire piece if I’m not careful. I was worried that Nora had gotten a bit reactive instead of proactive, but she’s hitting her stride.

Busy afternoon. Got an ad for the Manuscript Critique stuff up on Craig’s List. Hope that gets some bites over the weekend. Did another critique as well.

Baked a lemon sponge cake – one of my favorite recipes. It came out perfectly – as light as could be and just the right combination of sweet and tart. I concocted an excellent marinade for beef out of soy sauce, chili and garlic paste and tahini. Excellent.

Did some research on children’s games for The Widow’s Chamber. Couldn’t find what I wanted, so I’ll have the boys play marbles. Since they’ve been popular for over 2000 years, I can’t go wrong.

Got a rejection to a query for Dixie Dust Rumours. But it was personal, well –written and thoughtful. She obviously had someone actually read the query before the rejection. Oh, well. Five more queries will go out tomorrow.

I’m reading a book on scarab divination that will go up on the Cerrdwen’s Cottage site. It’s well done.

I’ve got a good bit more to do on the text for the Devon Ellington site, and I’m relived that an e-pal from’s Freelance Writing has offered to answer questions.

Smarty Jones is on the cover of ESPN Magazine. Go, Smarty!

An E-pal, Angela, from iVillage has linked her blog (also on this host) to mine. I’m glad that some of my posts have inspired her and given her a deeper understanding of her own work. It’s always helpful to have companions on the journey! Several of the group over at iVillage have started blogs on blogspot, and I think reading each other’s thoughts is helping us as we answer questions and have discussions on the board. There are several that I stop in and read every few days. One of them is Angela’s, which is called Roses and Brambles. (In case I don’t link it properly, try Its’ quite inspirational.

Still no check from the magazine. Guess I’ll have to call them after all. I hate having to track down money. It’s one of the obstacles I have to overcome to fully realize my financial potential in this career.

Worked out some notes for the denouement for The Widow’s Chamber. I’m afraid I’m touching on melodrama for some of it, but if I can pull it off properly, showing how badly both women and slaves were treated at this time, in spite of plenty of simpering and pretending to put women on a pedestal, I’ll have done my job properly – without preaching. It breaks the rules to introduce the ultimate villain so late in the game, but the readers are discovering the pieces to the puzzle as Nora is, so I’m staying true to the piece.

Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final was good last night. Tampa Bay won this one, 4-1. You know me – I want it to go the full seven games, and now I’m at least assured of five. Martin St. Louis’s grit and passion are tremendous (Tampa), and Jarome Iginla -- boy, do we miss a lot by not getting more coverage of Calgary! Many things about the lousy hockey coverage in the US have got to change. Vincent Lecavalier (Tampa) has matured beautifully this season. I didn’t think much of him last season. I admired his talent, but he seemed too interested in pretty plays and scoring. As he’s matured into more of a team-oriented guy and more of a physical player, his entire game matured. He’s more interesting to watch and more unpredictable. Which means he’s contributing more – in both small ways that aren’t noticed much by the media and big ways, which are. I wasn’t sure he had it in him, and I’m glad to be proven wrong. For the past two years, I’ve been singing the praises of St. Louis to anyone who’ll listen – and anyone who won’t, either. I’m thrilled he made it to the Final this year. I feel completely cheated that this is the first year I’ve really been exposed to Iginla’s talent. Many players to whom I spoke about hockey doing research for Clear the Slot urged me to contact Iginla. I never did. And now I regret it. Another lesson: Always take a hockey player’s advice. He (or she) knows what he (or she) is talking about!

Have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!



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