Saturday, May 29, 2004

Saturday, May 29, 2004
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Chiron Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde

Finally, some sunshine. Although it didn’t help me get up any earlier. I had a series of short, strange dreams – all of which I lost as soon as I woke up, and I think I’m grateful for it. But it was difficult to get going this morning.

Had to have my photo taken for the Greenwich HS brochure. From now on, I will flat out refuse publicity photos. No one needs to know what I look like. One of the reasons I like pseudonyms is because I value my anonymity. In this age of over marketed hype, it’s even more important to me. I don’t want fame. I want a good reputation and to earn enough money so that I don’t have to worry. Fame is a monkey I’m not willing to carry on my back. I’ve seen it destroy too many people. I’m not interested in being famous any more than I’m interested in famous people.

Picked up a few things at the store which I forgot yesterday, visited Home Depot – typical Memorial Day weekend stuff. Will have a traditional dinner of hamburgers, etc. tonight. I don’t eat meat that often anymore, but this week, I certainly have.

Played around with some article ideas. Not sure how I want to frame them or where I want to query. They need more time to percolate.

Checked out a new sports magazine, wondering if I could write for it. I don’t think we’re a good fit. It’s for serious athletes who spend every waking moment working out when they’re not in their day jobs. There’s nothing wrong with that. I simply believe there are other writers better suited to that market than I am.

Got an idea for a story from a newspaper article about the murder of a young Julliard student. I have to play with it a bit more – I’m one of those writers who needs to protect ideas in the incubation stage. Not sure yet if it’s a short story or a longer piece. I’d like it to be a short story, but it will be whatever it is.

I have an interesting dilemma with Tapestry. Originally I had Jake, Nina’s sort-of ex-boyfriend, killed by a hit man about halfway through the book. This is a very savvy hit man who decides not to kill Nina because he thinks she’ll be useful later on. Anyway, as I’ve reworked the piece for the serial, I realize that Jake needs to stay alive. Yet the hit man is vital to that sequence, as is his skill. So I’m not quite sure how to create a distraction for the hit man that allows Jake to survive. While I won’t use him in this particular arc, that was the original draft of Tapestry, I will use him, say fifty episodes or so in the future.

In the original draft, there is no reason why she’d fall for this guy. As I’m doing the rewrite, he’s more of a fulfilled character. Probably my own maturity and some time away from the manuscript as much as anything else. While I may kill him off several hundred episodes down the line, maybe I won’t. I just have to figure out how to give him a reprieve in the next section.

It requires thought and planning.

I’ll never forget attending a writer’s conference in Omaha, Nebraska a few years ago. A big group of us went out to dinner at a steakhouse. The wine flowed freely and we ate enormous steaks. We talked loudly and avidly about murder techniques, waving our steak knives around and frightening the other patrons.

Nowadays, we’d probably get arrested.

Two episodes of Tapestry done and out while I contemplate how to rescue Jake.

Three short articles roughed out, and in desperate need of rewrites.

Three short stories rewritten and submitted.

A list of short stories in front of me of whom I’m quite fond. Unfortunately, they don’t fit into any categories, and I’m not sure where I could possibly submit them.

I need to do more research into international markets.

Back to The Widow’s Chamber.

Rewrote and polished the four episodes, did some fact checking, and off they went. I only have to worry about Angel Hunt this week, and, of course, Periwinkle and query letters and . . .

But for now, I will cook dinner for my friends and then we’ll watch Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final.


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