Sunday, May 02, 2004

SUNDAY, MAY 2, 2004
Waxing Moon
Mercury Direct
Jupiter Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Chiron Retrograde
Rainy & muggy

What a week!!! I can’t believe I neglected the blog all week.

On the downside, I’ve been battling a crippling migraine since last Tuesday. I am taking whatever I can to take enough of the edge off so that I can work. It takes far too much energy to be in this much pain.

On the upside, my local paper agreed to my pitch to write a series of articles about the Triple Crown. I’m thrilled. I spent most of the week researching the article and analyzing the horses’ past performances. I realized how much I miss my handicapping column. Although for the work involved, if I wrote another such column, it would need to be for a nice chunk of change.

I worked on the new book. My goal was one chapter per day, and, unfortunately, I fell woefully short of that. I’m going to try to regain my momentum in the coming week, although I have to concentrate on the tarot column (which is roughed out) and a couple of other articles.

Chiron’s gone retrograde. I can’t remember what that means, but I doubt it’s pretty.

Once Mercury turned direct, I finally got hold of the person I needed to interview as the final piece of the Montauk Lighthouse puzzle. What a fascinating conversation! This is someone with whom I plan to keep in touch, and I want to see more of her work. She’s a fascinating artist. Today I will rework parts of the article to include that information.

I also worked on the tarot book, and decided not to send it to the first publisher on my list for two reasons: the submissions guidelines read so rudely and demand a disk with submission – which is something I don’t send until there’s a signed contract – and the books this publisher has produced over the last few months are veering towards the, well, cheesy. I feel that the publisher is going for sensation and promoting some unethical views, and I’m not sure I want to be associated with it. But, first I need to finish the book, and then worry about the publisher. Plenty of publishers are in this market now, and I need to find the right match.

I worked on the serials, and survived a horrible system crash. I figured out to fix it myself, because I was on deadline and I couldn’t reach tech support. Exactly why am I paying for this service contract?

Playoff hockey was exciting all week, with Toronto’s comeback, the strong fight between Detroit and Calgary, and Colorado fighting off elimination by San Jose.

And in the Derby? Well, although some of the horses I liked didn’t do well, I hit the exacta with Smarty Jones and Lion Heart. I’m delighted that Imperialism came in third – a horse trained by a twenty-one year old woman. I can hardly wait for the Preakness.

I submitted three more essays to the Simple Pleasures of the Kitchen collection, and two of them were accepted. So I have five essays in the book, which will be released next February. Those are under the Christiane Van de Velde name.

I submitted some more material to Wild Child, a publication that’s been very supportive, and a final piece to Glimmer Train. One of these days, I’ll crack GT.

I managed to polish my course proposals for Westchester Community College, and hope I get the opportunity to teach there in fall. I don’t think I’d fit into a full-time tenure track, but to come in and teach a few courses and then leave fits my personality, and I think the unusual courses I offered would be good for the students.

In the coming week, I have my serial episodes to write, the book chapters to catch up on, book reviews to complete, and several articles to finish.

It’s all good, but it will be even better when some checks come in.

I considered a temporary return to erotica writing for some quick cash. But reading through the guidelines was a reality check. The rates have dropped severely, and the money is simply not worth the time required.

Back to fighting the migraine, trying to get a head start on the week’s work, and preparing to watch playoff hockey this afternoon. Friday was sports heaven – Horse racing all afternoon and ice hockey all night!


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