Sunday, May 23, 2004

Sunday, May 23, 2004
Waxing Moon
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Chiron Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde

Not the happiest start to the day – rejection from Glimmer Train. A nice rejection, a personal rejection rather than a form letter. But still a rejection. And, in addition, I’m fighting with my storage unit center – again. We battle every month about payments. Either they over charge me or they lose the payments. I spend hours sorting things out and sending them written evidence, copies of payments, etc. And they ignore it. As soon as I can afford it, I want to move my belongings somewhere else. I’m frustrated, and it’s left me unable to concentrate properly on my work.

The hockey game last night was great. Tampa Bay beat Philadelphia. I felt bad for the Flyers, because they worked hard. And it would have been nice to have Smarty Jones and the Flyers both win. But I am thrilled for Martin St. Louis of the Lightening. He’s one of my favorite players. And, over this season, my admiration for Dave Andreychuk has grown. Class acts, all the way. It will be interesting to see how the Final with Calgary plays out.

Purge won the Peter Pan yesterday, beating the other Belmont contenders. However, Purge is not scheduled to enter the Belmont, since Smarty Jones beat him twice already in other races. Gary Stevens is committed to ride in the UK, so it looks like Pat Valenzula will ride Rock Hard Ten. I’m just going to keep my mouth shut on that one.

Trying to figure out where to submit several of my stories that are rather uncategorizable. And there are some partial manuscripts which I would like to finish. Some of the older stories that I recently re-read need to be “retired”. They were good exercises, but not worth sending out.

This week, I’m going to have to make some calls to “remind” several editors that they owe me money. I hate those calls. It’s my least favorite part of the business. But I need the money, I did the work, and I ought to be paid on time.

I need to do more research and keep a list of publications that pay on acceptance. Those need to be the ones to which I submit first. This paying upon publication or later – one place pays me fourteen months after my submission – is a little ridiculous. It’s not like the landlord and utilities companies and the credit card companies allow that sort of lapse time. So why do writers?

I’m tired of the work today, and not getting any joy out of it. I’m sitting here, getting a headache, and stressing about my storage. Mostly about the books – I have well over 100 boxes of books in one unit, and I find that I need many of them. Only I can’t get at them. I’ve spent years picking up remainder books and books at yard sales and thrift shops on obscure, historical topics. And now that I need them, I can’t get at them.

Oh, yeah, sitting here whining’s going to help. Shut up the computer, damn it, and DO something!!!

I spent the afternoon back out in Old Greenwich. Families were out on the waterway in boats, or working in their yards, or playing with dogs. My friend’s dogs were hilarious – they would have played all day. So we played until we were all worn out. Unfortunately, while playing tug-of-war with one of them, I sprained my wrist. Not badly, but it’s going to hurt for awhile. Hopefully, it won’t affect my day call on Tuesday. Yes, it hurts to type, but, oh well.

Drank ginger ale instead of wine today, and not just because of the sun. In the mood I was in, I’d have drunk the whole bottle, and a hang over wasn’t going to solve anything.

Came home to discover my e-mail’s not working. Sent the company a couple of e-mails – this has happened far too often over the last few weeks, and, every time I can’t get into my e-mail for a few days, I lose money. I want them to credit me three months’ free service for all the hell they’ve put me through. Why is EVERY company that deals with the Internet and computers so arrogant and appalling when it comes to customer service?

Working on rough drafts for some press releases that need to get done. I need to do another push to get more new subscribers for the serials. Every few months, subscriptions plateau, and then it’s time for another push. Maybe I can write a couple of quick articles I could sell to ezines, focusing on aspects of the work.

I need to get the gear together so I can record the serials and do these radio broadcasts. I’ve always had good luck with radio.

I also want to sit down and come up with a one year, three year, five year and ten year plan for my writing.

But first, I’d like to get some sleep. There’s housework to be done tomorrow, along with the writing. Today is done, and I don't have to live it again. I'm ready for a new day.



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