Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Wednesday, May 19, 2004
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Neptune Retrograde
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I need to invest in a Manx dictionary. Manx was the language spoken in Cornwall. I believe the last known person to speak it died twenty or thirty years ago. But whenever I need an unusual word or series of words to use in Angel Hunt, I find the right word (or words) in the Manx dictionary. So I might as well own one.

Not much of a writing day yesterday. I sent formal notice to Fayth magazine stating that if, indeed, publication ceased, and all rights reverted back to me for both the article and the column, including the title of the column. The article I can sell elsewhere. The column would need a major reworking, but I’d still like to try to sell it somewhere.

The need to get the websites up and running grows and grows. I have to put aside time to figure it out this weekend. I also have to figure out how to get the voice recording mechanism in my computer to work so that I can do the recording for the serials. Should I bring in actors for the characters? I should. However, I don’t want to do that without paying them and I’m in no position to do that right now, so I’ll read it myself. I do well on radio, and I have to remember that.

I have to rewrite bios excluding Fayth. Some of the bios that include it are already on press, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m sorry the publication folded. I’m also not going to waste time wondering if the reason given is the real reason. It doesn’t matter in the bigger picture. I hope the publisher and editor works through the problems and wish her well in the future. I’m not happy with the way it all shook out, but it’s a part of the journey for all of us. Getting into recrimination debates won’t serve any of us.

Managed to get a bit of work done on Periwinkle – not enough, but at least I didn’t feel as though the entire day was lost.

Started my regular Tuesday Broadway daywork call. I know the clothes, which helps. Hopefully, I did everything correctly. It’s one thing to come in and look at something and think it needs work. But unless you work with the clothes every day and know specific trouble spots, things are missed. I told them to let me know if they needed me to do anything differently next week. It took the full five hours – there’s a lot of detail work to do. I’m sure I’ll become more efficient as I do it over time. Right now, I’m still walking in and out of dressing rooms and wasting time looking for things. Once I figure out a system, I can speed up what I’m doing and also devote more time to details.

New York City simply does not feel like home anymore. Traversing through Grand Central station on my way in felt like traveling to a new place, but without the excitement. It saddens me.

Visited with a few people on the show before I left, caught an express train home and made it back in time to watch the Flyers-Lightening hockey game. Tampa Bay won, 3-2. Interesting game – one can tell the players are getting personal. Passion and tempers run high, which means mistakes are also made. And mistakes are what win and lose the game at this point in the series.

I should have worked on query letters last night. But I didn’t. I was too tired. Not an acceptable excuse, but that’s what I did. And I have to figure out what shoes will work better on the concrete floors for five hours. I thought I had the right soles, but my legs and back still hurt, so I have to try something else.

I was delighted to find the books (ordered with the gift certificate from being named Editor’s Choice for May by Wild Child) at the door – Faith of a Writer by Joyce Carol Oates and The Madwoman in the Attic by Sandra M. Gilbert and Susan Gubar. The latter looks like it will be helpful in The Widow’s Chamber.

Extra stretchy yoga session this morning to make up for yesterday’s kinks. Wednesday is usually a weight-training day for me, but since I’ll be hauling baskets of clothes up and down four flights of stairs all night tonight at Gypsy, I may skip today’s workout. The baskets I haul are heavier than my weights.

While using Google to research, a press release for this blog turned up! It made me laugh. I’m glad it’s out there, and I hope it’s helping people. It certainly helps me to write it.

Polished two short articles on writing and submitted them this morning. I need to get back to Periwinkle – I don’t know why I drag my feet to get to it every day. Once I’m in it, I’m fine. It’s getting there that’s the problem. That’s what happens when you break your schedule – it gets easier and easier to let it slide, but more and more difficult to go back to it.

Polished the query for Dixie Dust Rumours and sent out five of them. The amount of time it takes to set up the letters, set up the submission log, print the envelopes – there must be a way to streamline it. Maybe I should pre-print a hundred or so return envelopes some day when I’m avoiding the writing I’m supposed to be doing. Like today.

Fourteen “abnormal run time” errors on my word processing program today. Very annoying. If I want the damn thing to run 24/7, it should do so. That’s what I paid for.

I hope tonight’s Calgary-San Jose hockey game goes into enough overtimes so I can catch the end of it when I get back from Gypsy.

Wrote a chapter of Periwinkle. I’m very happy with it. It’s definitely the strongest chapter in the book so far, with some interesting characters inspired by those I observed in my favorite Montauk diner. One of the characters really stepped up in the chapter, and, if I’m not careful, will play a much bigger part in the novel than he’s supposed to. I haven’t named him yet – my way of trying to retain some control over the material, but I think his name will be Charlie. Heck, I don’t think it. I know it. It should be something more exotic sounding, but he’s told me his name is Charlie. Even though it doesn’t come up in this chapter, it will in a future one. Nothing like blank-paging, is there?

This chapter could almost stand alone as a short story, but I’m not sure how that works – if that would hurt the future of the novel, or what. It’s not something where I could go in and make small tweaks in order to make it different enough to be a story – these people are who they are and I have to honor them as such. Possibly not the wisest business decision I could make, but there it is.

My editor from Keep It Coming teased me today – she’s soliciting holiday short stories, and I said I’d give it a go for the Halloween and the Christmas stories, but that they’d go under two different names. The way I phrased it, I was talking about myself in the third person – and she’s starting to think of them as individuals. Which is good, because their voices and genres are very different. Another friend suggested that my pseudonyms interview each other!

Well, there’s a blow – one of the writing articles already rejected. The editor liked the piece, but felt she had enough material for the next few months and that it wasn’t really what her site focuses on now. My instinct is to shoot it out immediately somewhere else, but I think I’ll sit on it overnight, see what sort of tweaking it needs, and find a higher –paying market rather than one that’s lateral.

I may try to do a couple of pages on the fantastical novel, but I still need to shower and re-read my notes for tonight’s show.

It would have been so nice to leave for tonight with an acceptance! Oh, well.



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