Saturday, June 12, 2004

Saturday, June 12, 2004
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Chiron Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde

Very tired. And achy. Par for the course, when you’re hauling around heavy baskets of clothing, dashing up and down concrete stairs, and working on a raked stage. Got home late and didn’t get to sleep until nearly 2 a.m. The show didn’t flow as smoothly for me as I would like – switching from track to track is confusing, and it shouldn’t be. For some reason, I couldn’t turn off cues from other tracks, and I kept second-guessing myself. I’m annoyed. I know better.

Up before 7, morning chores, etc. Baked a lemon sponge cake for tomorrow. Read the papers, etc.

Now that Reagan’s funeral is over, maybe the All-Reagan All The Time news service will get a rest. I’m sorry for the family’s grief, but this week was excessive. And, no disrespect to the dead, but I remember the Reagan years, and they weren’t all sunshine and roses. Let the man rest in peace, and let his family get some rest.

The article with which I was unhappy last Thursday was accepted and will run Tuesday. I’m glad, but I also plan an improvement in my work for next week’s article.

Did some more research on the history of chloroform, but still don’t quite have the info I need.

Worked on Chapter 70 of The Widow’s Chamber. It will need massive rewrites, but the skeleton is there. I think the time it covers will end up being 70 & 71 – rescuing Alva Benning happened too easily and I need to build the tension. Because the device of her rescue is what reveals to Nora what Frank’s actual mission in life is, I’ve glossed over it and not made it an interesting story. I’ve used it as a bridge, when it needs to be an event with weight in and of itself. And then I deal with Daisy’s life as an actress, and I have to figure out how deeply I want to delve into that. I may have the episodes for the rest of the month contained within those two points.

And they’re still in damned Nashville – I haven’t managed to get them onto that steamboat yet. I have a feeling I will have 20 or 30 chapters on the steamboat at this rate. I hope I can get to the library on Monday and find some drawings of the interior of steamboats. I need to make copies and post them above the computer while I write those episodes. I’ve done some steamboat research, but I don’t feel confident enough in what I’ve done to make the episodes really flow. I’ve got a cast of interesting characters assembled for that part of the journey, but I need the inner workings of the actual boat in order to make it real. I haven’t dug deep enough into personal accounts of trips at that time in order to feel comfortable.

Maybe Thursday I’ll go into the city early, before the union meeting, and spend some time in the NY Public Library doing research. The libraries out here don’t have what I need.

At least I got in about an hour’s writing this morning. Will pull myself together and head for the theatre. Two show day today. I hope to have a nice, quiet dinner break at one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants.

I’ve been reading a biography of Jane Austen. It makes me want to go back and re-read her books again, all at once. I did that during that horribly lonely summer in Seattle. It is one of my few happy memories from that portion of my life.



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