Thursday, June 10, 2004

Thursday, June 10, 2004
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Chiron Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde

Yes, folks, here it is. Yet another retrograde. They’re wearing me down.

In spite of last night’s exhaustion, I managed to do some work on a horse racing article. I still have to fact check it and polish it, but I hope to send it off before I leave for the theatre tonight.

Today, the work is just a slog. I’m not happy with the horse racing article I submitted. It has all the information, but it’s not “singing.” So far, I’ve done one episode of Angel Hunt, which is okay, but in order to be fully caught up, I need to do five more.

It’s one of those days when it’s work, pure and simple. The joy’s not there, the sense of discovery’s not there. It’s about getting words on paper and hoping I can polish them properly before the deadline. I’m terribly behind on the serials, with no one to blame but myself. I got behind with the Belmont, Stanley Cup Final and Tonys last weekend, and, since I wasn’t expecting to work theatre this week, I never caught up.

I want to concentrate on Angel Hunt today and The Widow’s Chamber tomorrow. That way, I can polish AH tomorrow, and the polish WC over the weekend. I don’t think I’m too far behind schedule on that one.

And, damn it, those stupid leaf blowers just started up again. I’m gonna hurt somebody if they don’t cut this out all day every day on a property that doesn’t have any leaves!!!!

Later: four episodes done on Angel Hunt. I’ll let them sit overnight and give them a polish tomorrow. I wanted to write six and get next week’s episodes done, too, but these four are solid, and I need to let the next episode percolate a bit more. I’m bringing in a twist earlier than I originally planned, and it’s taking an interesting tone. I still think I’m going to get slammed by horror reviewers because it doesn’t follow the tradition, but it’s very much of itself, and I have to stay true to its path, as my characters have to stay true to their own.

At least some of today’s work finally feels good.

Massive headache. Will rest for a bit before I cook an early dinner and head to NYC. The computer is doing nothing but giving me grief. It hasn’t worked properly since I did the upgrade to MSN9, which I had to do in order to access my e-mail.



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