Thursday, June 03, 2004

Thursday, June 3, 2004
Full Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Chiron Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde

Why do I get the hiccups every time I eat carrots?

Hardly a cosmic question, I know. But I’m curious.

After a morning of frustration, between computer problems and trying to get paid for a freelance job – I desperately need the money in order to pay my bills by the 10th, I wasn’t sure I’d get any creative work done.

But I got over my fit and my pity party and settled down to work.

I finished Chapter 6 of Periwinkle and started Chapter 7. I polished and submitted an article, and did some work on a couple of others. I wrote up a pitch and sent it to my editor at Llewellyn with article ideas for, believe it or not, 2006. That’s how far ahead we have to work on the annuals.

I checked the market boards, did some astrological research, and some other research for another article. I am frustrated by the lack of response to the Craig’s List ad posted in the Westchester section – fortunately, it runs out soon. I posted an ad in the Boston area. We’ll see if that gets a response.

It turned into a very nice day. I hope tomorrow will be as well, as I’m set to visit a friend.

Some more ideas are perking around for Angel Hunt, but they’re not quite ready to go yet. AH might be picked up for review, which makes me feel slightly nauseous. Not because I’m unhappy with the work. But it doesn’t fit into the traditional “horror” box. If I get a hard core traditionalist reviewer, I am screwed.

Oh, well, such is life.

KIC put up the interview for Tapestry – but only until June 9, when it’s someone else’s turn:

And Wild Child put up “Cosmetics” from Women With an Edge.

Hockey tonight, thank goodness. Although I have to say I’m getting annoyed with Calgary. I know, I know, the coach says the calls are inconsistent and against Calgary. But now, two Tampa players have been injured to the point of bloodletting by Calgary, and that’s lessened my respect for the team. I was rooting for Calgary just a smidge more than Tampa (Martin St. Louis and Dave Andreychuk, please forgive me). But what I’ve seen in the last two games just makes me shake my head. It’s one thing to play a physical game or to fight. It’s quite another to deliberately cause injury. And there is NO way a player can defend himself saying that smashing someone else’s face into the boards is not trying to commit an injury.

So, we’ll see how tonight goes.

Smarty Jones is hanging out at Belmont, waiting for Saturday. I hope he wins. It would be great for him, his people, and the sport. I am annoyed at how the media is spinning it that he came out of nowhere. Hello, the horse is UNDEFEATED, which part of that don’t you get, and was the favorite in the Derby. That’s not coming out of nowhere. Simply because he doesn’t have the bluest pedigree in the sport doesn’t mean he’s a surprise. He’s earned every hoof print, ever flower petal, and every dollar he gets.



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