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Tuesday, June 29, 2004
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde

VENUS DIRECT!!!!! (okay, at 7:16 PM, but I’m still doing a happy dance)

Sunny and beautiful

I’m definitely getting sucked in to the whole theatre thing again. I had a typical WARDROBE NIGHTMARE last night: in the middle of a show, I have to put on a swing who’s never been on, never rehearsed, much less measured or fitted for clothes, and there aren’t any clothes in the building that fit her. So we open a door under the stairs and find stock from who-knows-what-or where (hey, this is a dream, remember?). Since there’s no designer, supervisor, or stage manager to be found, we root around in the stock and make it up. And get her on stage before her next cue.

At least the dream had a resolution instead of just playing the same loop all over again.

As of this early morning moment, the actors are not on strike. There was a quote in one of the papers about how they were determined to keep working this week because of all the tourists in the city for the holiday. In other words, in order not to inconvenience anyone, they’ll work without a contract this week. Huh? This is the week that would have actually had an impact. While I’m glad they’re sort of extending the deadline and still talking – a good faith move, they’re not thinking practically about impact. If you’re going on strike, you’re supposed to inconvenience people. Whatever. I’ll be happy for the holiday pay on July 4th, in any event.

The thought of having to go in today and work eight shows this week is enough to make me cry. But, that’s the way it is, so get over it and make use of the time you have, not fret about the time you don’t. If I make use of the small pockets of time I DO have, I’ll be surprised by how much I can get done.

Oh, yeah, still haven’t been paid by the magazine – well over a month late, six weeks, depending upon which date you want to use as “acceptance”. So I sent another invoice with a late fee attached. I cut them much more slack than many other freelancers would have in the same situation. And they’ve now ruined it for legitimate start-ups, because I join the ranks of fellow freelancers who won’t work for a start-up, but will wait until a publication gets established.

Time to join the writers’ guild, union, whatever it is.

I got a swift e-mail response promising the check would be out this week. We’ll see.

Broke down and ordered the steamboat books and the costume books I need online. I don’t have the time to hunt them down in real life. This way, I’ll have them. Because I’m determined to get Nora onto that damn packet boat this week!

Managed to do most of Chapter 73 of The Widow’s Chamber. Now, I must run for the train and hope for the best for the rest of the day. I won’t have the chance to work on BTP until at least Thursday. Hopefully, I will have regained the thread by then.

Lots of happy people on the train in. When people are chattering and in a good mood, as they often are on a sunny day, it makes the journey much more pleasant. Now, if only those who insist on screaming into their cell phones would get it through their thick skulls that they are really BORING and no one’s interested in them, it would all be good.

In Grand Central, there was a photo shoot with some NY City cops. They were shy and excited. NY does have an immensely wonderful police department. Not every member is perfect, but, overall, they’re pretty amazing. There are some cities where I’d feel better in the hands of the criminals than the cops. I always feel better when I see an NYPD officer.

I stopped in Posman’s to get the EM Forster book I’ve wanted for awhile, Aspects of the Novel. I’ve re-read my favorite writing books so often that I can practically recite them. I need some new fuel.

Got my 2004 enormous desk blotter calendar at Office Depot. Didn’t want to cart it around Manhattan and back on the train, but since the ‘burbs have dumped theirs, I had no choice. And I need a big calendar so I can ink in my deadlines.

I stopped at Coliseum. They didn’t have the book I want to give a friend for her housewarming; but I did pick up Julia Cameron’s The Sound of Paper. For as many problems as I have with some of her theories, I keep buying her books, so she must be hitting on some chords somewhere. I also grabbed A Year in Our Gardens: Letters by Nancy Goodwin and Allen Lacy. I love anecdotal gardening books – the longing for a garden of my own. It looks like a lovely book in which to sink into after a long, tough day.

Ran into one of the actors in the elevator. Equity told them to be “on alert” and ready to walk out at any time. I told her, “I’m working in Rapunzel’s Tower today. Come find me if you hear anything and we’ll walk out together.” Strikewise, it’s the waiting that’s hard. I hate waiting for someone else to move so I can do what I need to do.

I call the third floor, where I do my Tuesday work “Rapunzel’s Tower” because it’s so far removed from everything else. It’s great, because I get quiet work time, and I can think about stories while I’m ironing, steaming, sewing, without having to make conversation.

I worked on the Halloween story on my break. It’s coming along nicely. The protagonist, Enid, has more humor than I originally envisioned, and it works. She had to develop a dark sense of humor to emerge from her abusive marriage.

Show was fine. An actress returned from a leave of absence to do a show at the Guthrie (where a friend of mine runs lights). Everyone was glad to see her. There was plenty of happy chaos. After all, it’s Tuesday, and people had a break from each other.

Far too many drunk young women on the train. One was throwing up in a garbage can on the platform up until the train left. There seem to be more out-of-control drunken young women around than ever. It’s a shame that they have to pay such a high price to pretend to have fun. I certainly paid it often enough at their age.

My traveling companion was an interesting British man. Every once in awhile, Fate throws someone intriguing your way, even if only for a train ride.



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