Friday, July 02, 2004

Friday, July 2, 2004
Full Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny, hot, and humid

Yesterday, heading up Fifth Avenue to the theatre, I saw a woman with a Yorkie. The light changed as they were crossing, and his little legs couldn’t go fast enough, so she scooped him up and carried him. He was so interested at being up off the ground, not being almost stepped on, and at close-to-eye-level with the world. It was adorable.

Bought some magazines to learn for what they’re looking, and also bought a French magazine in order to work on my French. Most of the French magazines available here look like gossip magazines, and I’d rather not buy them. Since I don’t enjoy them here, why would I enjoy them in French – even if the words are easy to understand?

When I got to the show, I found out that one of the principal dressers threw out her back, so another principal dresser was moved into her slot, and I was kicked upstairs to Rapunzel’s Tower. I like that track, but a lot of little things went wrong – and some not so little, such as a Flathead zipper breaking and we had to rip the actress out of it in a quick change – and the show felt rocky. But we got through it, it was fine, and there was a paycheck, so it was all good.

Speaking of paychecks, still nothing from the magazine. Big surprise.

I’m very frustrated with the computer. I lose approximately half of every working day because of computer problems. I’m sick of it. Microsoft needs to be held liable for its substandard products.

The steamboat and costume books I ordered already arrived – only two days after they were ordered! I am seriously thrilled. It’s such a help. Now I get Nora et al onto the damn packet and start down the Mississippi.

Finished up the material for ArtistFirst Radio and sent out the packet. Still have to write the commercial.

Spent time this morning on both Latin and French lessons. I need to get both back up to speed. And I found that if I study Latin simultaneously with French, the French comes along much faster.

Polished the three episodes of The Widow’s Chamber and sent them off. Now it’s back to Angel Hunt.

I’m trying to get used to living in a state of perpetual exhaustion, but it’s difficult. I also miss my online writers’ group. I wonder what everyone is up to. Hopefully I can hop in for a visit soon.

And I am so sick of computer problems. With the next big sale, I want to have enough money to buy a Mac, a Mac-type laptop, and hire someone to convert all 15 years’ worth of files to Mac. I’ve had it with Microsoft. I’m done.

Tried to work on Angel Hunt, but I’ve lost the thread of it. I have to think about it for awhile, and then hopefully I can come up with the next six episodes. I left Lianna and Kegan at a crucial point, and I have to figure out where they’re going from here before I actually sit down and write the chapters. Otherwise, there’s nothing driving the piece, and certainly nothing to build the tension and terror. Since it’s an occult/horror serial, you kinda need both the tension and terror.

Shower, cook dinner, maybe, if there’s time, do a few paragraphs on the Halloween story, then back to the train and the theatre. I wonder which track I’ll get tossed into tonight?



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