Monday, July 05, 2004

Monday, July 5, 2004
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Hot, humid, rainy

Fortunately, yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day as the Fourth of July.

I found a guidebook for Paris that looks like a good starting point, but nothing yet for Vietnam.

Matinee was fine. There are actors going on vacation and an actress taking a leave of absence – usual continual changes.

I’m still not feeling well, in addition to being thoroughly exhausted, but I managed to get through the show, and I don’t think anyone knew I was under par.

Came home, dinner with friends. Too sick to go to the fireworks at Playland, but could see the fireworks in Port Chester from the window. Plus, someone was setting off fireworks in the street right here, and I could see those.

In bed early.

Overslept today, and feel a bit better. I was awakened by 9 AM by the banging and carrying on downstairs. My downstairs neighbors moved out over the past few days (complete with throwing items out of the second floor window – hello, are we in a trailer park or seventeenth century London? I think not). So now the apartment is being renovated. The cats hate the noise. Between that and the fireworks last night, we have feline nervous breakdowns all around. I’m playing soothing metaphysical chanting CDs to help. Unfortunately, they make me want to take a nap, so I’m not getting all that much work done.

Did my Latin lesson and my French lesson. The Latin textbook has all sorts of interesting historical tidbits and now I want to find a good history of Rome. I seriously doubt there’s a single volume to span so much history.

Caught up on business stuff – updating my writing CV, filling in the submission log. Espresso Fiction rejected three more stories. They really hate everything I do, and I should just stop submitting, but it is yet another market I am determined to crack. I have to say, their rejection letters are among the most condescending I've ever received. One of the stories, “Lady”, might be right for Grit, so I think I’ll send it there. I don’t know what to do with “Unforgotten”. It’s a rather strange revenge story. “Reality” is another odd duck. It doesn’t fit anywhere neatly, and that’s one of the things I like about it. But that makes it difficult to market. Plus, I have to see if I have anything else I can send to Espresso. I haven’t written many new short stories lately. In spite of wanting to write a new story every two weeks, that hasn’t happened in the last couple of months.

Wild Child published another of my monologues from Women With an Edge, a piece called “Men Talk Sex.” It’s one of my favorite monologues in the show, although some people were shocked by it.

I need to work on the press info for the radio slots, and write the commercial for ArtistFirst, and get out some other media stuff. The July newsletter needs to get proofed, run off, and mailed. Plus, today’s the day the Halloween story is due, and I need to do more work on Angel Hunt.

I keep getting ideas for the pirate story and jotting them down. That project has to take a number and wait its turn behind everything else that needs attention.

Finished up the July newsletter, printed it, did the envelopes, mailed it out. The printer decided to throw a fit, tore up an envelope, then spit it out along with some plastic bits. And it’s worked better ever since, although it screams like it’s being murdered as it prints. It’s such a piece of garbage I don’t really care. It hasn’t worked properly since I bought it, two years ago, and the seller refuses to do anything about it. I’m printer shopping and plan to replace it soon with a Canon. At least Canon products both work and have excellent customer service.

Got out an e-mailing about “Men Talk Sex”. Wrote the rough for the July 19th commercial. Wrote cards to two actors I know who are appearing in A Midsummer Night’s Dream this month in Williamstown. I wish I could see them – they are two wonderful actors and to see them work together would be such a treat! But I can’t, I’m here. Oh, well. At least they’ll know I’m thinking about them.

Serial payment arrived, yippee. That’s always helpful.

Polished radio commercial and sent it off.

Will rest up for a bit, then tackle the rest of the Halloween story. I need to figure out a decent title. Nothing’s quite hit the mark yet.



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