Saturday, July 31, 2004

Saturday, July 31, 2004
Full Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Hot and sticky

Yesterday, I went to visit my colleague who is in hospice. He’s lost weight, but is in good spirits and surrounded by family and loved ones. He was pleased by my visit. I stayed only a short while, so as not to tire him too badly, but I’m glad I went. And I will continue to visit, as long as possible. He deserves to know how much he is valued, and how much we hope to make his transition as painless as possible.

Then, it was off to daywork. I worked in the Men’s Ensemble, with two other people, which was a nice change. And my friend B. was in the Women’s Ensemble. She has a phone account with OTB, so we managed to place some Saratoga bets. I haven’t yet checked the charts – hopefully, we won.

Over the past three days, I’ve read Emily Drake’s lovely “Magickers” series. Unfortunately, it’s being advertised as being in the Harry Potter vein. The blurbs make the books sound derivative, and they’re not. They’re quite inventive in their own right. The characters are unusual and well-rounded. There are actually positive relationships with adults, which is a nice change when the protagonists are teenagers. My only wish for a change in the books is that they end so abruptly, and we never get to take a breath with the characters after they’ve faced their latest challenge. I miss that. But I gobbled three books up in three days. Technically, they’re young adult fiction, but they’re shelved with the regular fantasy, and I think they’re applicable to a wide variety of ages.

I was hesitant to read them, at first – not only because I’m so fussy in my magic/fantasy fiction and get so annoyed at derivative books – but because I was afraid it would cloud my own work on the YA book. However, I’m going in a completely different direction than Emily Drake – although I think we might appeal to some of the same readers. So I could simply devour them with sheer enjoyment and not worry.

Some of the work I’ve been doing on the YA is over thought. I need to change my ideas for the future, because some of them are pushing the present in a way that would force me to make Julia much younger, and therefore not able to be a strong enough mentor to Lizzie, Jonas and Peter. It will weaken what I envision now. Therefore, I will jettison it, and let the characters grow into themselves instead of trying to force certain types of growth.

Finished the mystery set in New Orleans. The plot was tight and fascinating. The characters, especially the protagonist, were not. No wonder the lead character found so much rudeness in New Orleans – she was so rude and abrasive I kept hoping she’d be dumped in a swamp – permanently. Not a series I will continue to read.

Today was hot and sticky. The morning was filled with errands – picking up Felicia’s prescription food, going to the store, going on a bit of a treasure hunt to gather things for tomorrow. Tomorrow is an important day for me – one which I will discuss in depth in the other blog, devoted to that section of my life. And I’m preparing.

The Full Moon is obviously important to my creativity, too. Polished an episode of Angel Hunt, and wrote and polished four more episodes. There are all sorts of possibilities for dark comedy as Lianna goes to meet the Hermit in the Universal Library. And, eventually, she has to meet The Three Fates. I’d rather the meeting was later than sooner, and so would she.

DAMN MICROSOFT! I am sick of these effing “run time errors” even though I save every couple of paragraphs, dumping my work. That’s twice while I’ve worked on the blog. Not acceptable.

I have to find out of Wild Child got the notes for the excerpt from Moon Tribe tales. I bet they went astray thanks to fucking MSN. I'm so sick of companies that don't live up to their end of the bargain!



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