Thursday, July 01, 2004

Thursday, July 1, 2004
First Day of the Full Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Muggy and warm

I’m having all sorts of problems again with the computer and I’m not amused. I’ve started the July invoice to Microsoft. I have to total up the June invoice and send it with the cover letter today. I’m done fighting with them. They sell garbage to the customers, charge them to be guinea pigs and don’t deliver on their promises. From now on, each computer problem has a price and will be so billed.

Staggered out to get the newspapers, etc., early this morning and there were guys with leaf blowers on Purchase St. Of course, there aren’t trees, much less leaves, but hey, they feel like they’re doing something. I wish noise ordinances would kick into effect against these damn things.

I can’t get into my e-mail, which is very frustrating. MSN 9 has done nothing but screw up the computer since it was loaded. I’m tired of paying and paying and paying every month and not getting the service for which I pay.

Far too much of my day was wasted getting in the air conditioner. The writing in the instructional brochure was horrible. Pay the extra $100/hour to get a decent technical writer already! Although the air conditioner seems to run well, I doubt I’d buy another product by Haier due to the poor quality of the instructions.

So tired I can barely sit up, and haven’t been able to get much creative work done. Saw two possible publications to which I should send queries, but haven’t been able to write them. Sent out some of the press mailing, and, with this additional radio booking, another press mailing will have to go out early next week.

Almost done with my informational package for the July 19 radio broadcast.

Trying to get something done on The Widow’s Chamber. I want to get all caught up on that one so that I can focus for a few days on Angel Hunt and get that out.

Plus, there’s the Halloween story to worry about.

May I leave now for Paris, please? And have someone else foot the bill?

Three episodes of The Widow’s Chamber done. And they are damn good, especially Chapter 75, the scene between Matthew and Nora originally conceived on the train platform yesterday. The dynamic between them and the sexual tension is working. He’s a much more insistent and intelligent character than I originally thought he would be. He could even take on Daisy and win.

That is one of the best chapters in the piece, ranking up there with the one featuring Cletus and Elwood. Will polish tomorrow and send off, then concentrate on Angel Hunt. But at least I’m where I should be on WC until next week.

So today wasn’t a total loss after all.

Shower, dinner, and off to the show.



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