Thursday, July 08, 2004

Thursday, July 8, 2004
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Hot, humid, cloudy

I spend far too much time fighting with computer problems, especially e-mail problems. I am losing 40-60% of my workday every day.

The newest MSN problem is that, once I get into my e-mail, I can either READ a SINGLE e-mail or DELETE a SINGLE e-mail before I have to shut off the system and start over. Earlier, I could only write a single e-mail, but that seems to have fixed itself.

MSN doesn’t even bother to answer my complaints anymore. They simply ignore them.

I need another ISP.

I e-mailed several of them, told them what I need, why I left them in the first place, and asked them why I should choose them. We’ll see who can offer me what I need, which is:

1. Reliability. If I pay for unlimited access, that’s what I expect.

2. Customer Service. If I’m paying them monthly and have a problem, I expect them to fix it.

3. Honoring my format. Since I sent manuscripts, I expect them to retain my format to non-ISP addresses.

4. Ability to interact with addresses from other providers.

We’ll see if any of them can handle it.

I’m also annoyed with Artist First radio. Now, they’re refusing to play the recorded CDs they demanded. They will only accept MP3 files. I have no interest in buying an MP3. If my computer doesn’t have the capability to record it or convert the file, I will tell them what they can do with it. There is absolutely no reason why I should have to buy new equipment for a promotion. They should be willing to accept cassettes. Every professional sound studio/radio station has capacity for multiple formats.

I had no time to write yesterday or to study my French or Latin, which depressed me enormously. What I did on the walk from the train station to the theatre was to look at things and see if I could name them in French: le livre, le chapeau, le café. So at least I feel that I accomplished something.

I stopped at the bookstore to get another of Stephanie Barron’s Jane Austen mysteries (she does such a wonderful job with them), and a first book by a writer set in an artists’ colony in New Hampshire. I need some fun reading.

One of my co-workers showed me some gorgeous photographs she took. They are gallery quality. She’s interested in pursuing photography and also do photography/art work for greeting cards. Her work is superb. I’m going to gather some information in the next week or so for it.

Matinee was frustrating. Because people were sick, management did a cut-and-paste of tracks that made it physically impossible to dress the show. God forbid they actually follow protocol and discuss it with the head of our department. If we had enough dressers to actually run the show, it wouldn’t be a problem; since we don’t, and there is no room/time to change any of the tracks without losing a good portion of the show, it can’t happen. They had to revise their list. Stage managers used to actually know what each department did. Now all they’re capable of is sitting on a stool and pointing. It gets old.

Dinner was great. A friend and I went out for Mexican food, and she told me about her recent trip to London, Paris and Rome. She took my advice and visited the Transportation Museum in London. Everyone thinks I’m nuts when I say it’s a “must” – and then falls in love with it. It is one of the most interesting and entertaining museums I’ve visited anywhere in the world. Her stories of Paris and Rome only whetted my appetite for next year’s trip to Paris and a future trip to Rome.

Evening show was a bizarre set up, too, but at least our tracks were taken into consideration. And an understudy went on for one of the male leads – it was his first time on. He was a little nervous at first, but he was wonderful! Everyone was excited, and watching from the wings in between cues. It’s one of the great things about theatre – when you get to see a really good understudy get to go on. It was hilarious – in the end, when he swashbuckled in to rescue one of the female leads from the guards – well, the regular guy is fairly slight, and the understudy is – bigger than the guards. The guards came off laughing – admitting that, had it been “real life”, the understudy could have taken them all on. It was fun.

Exhausted by the time I headed home.

Tired and depressed today. Trying to sort out e-mail stuff -- it’ll take me at least three months to convert everything to a new ISP. So I better start now. Pull and print what I need to save, dump as much as I can, convert the addresses to the yahoo address book – the good thing about a Yahoo address is that it remains constant.

Something else to cut into my writing time. And when I don’t get enough writing time, I get very, very, VERY depressed. I’m behind on a lot of work, and the computer problems not only eat 40-60% of my physical work day, they are emotionally draining.

Must leave for the city early today – I have a tarot client before the show.

Behind on all my writing, articles, etc., and the press releases. It’s very, very, very frustrating.



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