Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Wednesday, July 28, 2004
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Rainy and warm

Last night’s interview on KIC’s regular radio show for ArtistFirst went well.  Kelli and I had a good time, as always.    We talked about a wide range of topics, and I read from the 25th episode of Tapestry.  Hopefully, it intrigued people enough to subscribe for the three darned months to get there!

I had a blast, and I hope to get to do more segments with her in the future.

I just love radio.  I love it as an art form.  I want to learn more about it, and I want to create opportunities to do more.

I got the paperwork for teaching at Greenwich High School in fall – oh, boy, is there a lot to fill out!  It’ll be worth it, I hope.

Monday, I was not creative at all.  I was having fits trying to pull information off the old ISP and get it onto the new ISP.

I’ve also contacted SUNY/WCC three times, as directed, for spring’s scheduling, and . . .nothing.

I am rather annoyed.  I’m getting in offers for the spring and I need to be able to set dates for different things.  Especially since I had the information to them in May by the date they gave me, only to be told they made their decisions early because the printer was going on maternity leave!  Come on, people, hold up your end of the deal!

So, anyway, I wasted all of Monday too exhausted to write and just trying to get re-organized.

Tuesday, I raced out to daywork early so that I could get back in time to do the radio interview.  I think I’d rather not have to work all day, get annoyed by things that aren’t worth my time, and then have to race back through rush hour traffic.  Just a little bit more stress than I’d prefer.  But it all worked out.

I was loathe to start anything this morning, as the exterminator was scheduled for his monthly visit.  However, he never showed up, and I lost the best part of my writing time.

But I caught up on e-mail, scoured job boards, and researched dates and travel info for the New Orleans trip in January.  I’m going to have to make the trip earlier in the month than I’d planned.  Everything is both booked and highly overpriced the last week of January.  Oh, well.

Must get back to Angel Hunt today.  Not only do I need to catch up, I need to write ahead.  Also have to work on the calendar article and the Christmas story.

The YA piece continues to intrigue me.  I’m writing more and more notes about the characters, who they are and where they’re going. The complexity of their interaction makes me wonder if I’m really writing a YA piece and trying to get the readers to grow with the characters, or if I’m writing a series of adult novels with teenaged protagonists coming of age over a period of time.  Perhaps that’s why I’m having such trouble naming the series – I’m trying to get it to be something it isn’t.  And I’m not giving it or myself the time and the respect to find out what it is.

In other words, I need patience, and that’s never been a virtue of mine.

And the damned Lexmark printer is being ridiculous again.  I’ve had nothing but trouble with it since I got it, and Dell has REFUSED to deal with it.  I’m so sick of these companies breaking their contracts.  I paid money for a piece of equipment to work.  That’s the contract.  It has to work.  Not once every other Thursday and then in the middle of the night spewing out things I’ve never seen before.  It needs to print WHAT I want WHEN I want WHENVER I want.

Time to file a complaint with the BBB.

The purpose of this blog is not to be political –and, frankly, some of the so-called political blogs I’ve read recently are so dreadful why would anyone support the candidates written about?  I dipped into three blogs and the writing was so poor on all of them that I nearly gagged.  I couldn’t even get past the poor grammar and sentence structure to actually figure out whether or not I agreed with the content.

However, the Democratic Convention is on in Boston, and it’s fascinating.  I am not registered with a party.  I refuse that kind of boxing and limitation.  I’ll vote for whomever I damn well please, thank you very much, for whomever I think will do the best for myself and those around me, and, more importantly, for the nation as a whole, not one single element of it .

Both Hilary and Bill Clinton’s speeches on Monday night were excellent. Funny, fact-filled, persuasive, to the point, and scored a few direct hits.  I know my life was much better during the Clinton years than any of the Bush years.

And yesterday, Ted Kennedy, Senator Obama, Ron Reagan Jr.,  and Teresa Heinz-Kerry all had things to say which were worth listening to.  I’m glad Teresa Heinz-Kerry told a journalist to “shove it” the other night.  It’s about time people stopped pandering to those misrepresenting them because they’re afraid it’ll be worse if they don’t play along.  These days, thanks to the publishers so desperate for a scoop, reporters aren’t given the time or the resources to report – which, in my definition is to research the topic, report BOTH SIDES of the issue, back it up, and let me make my own decision.  The majority of so-called reporting is surface, surface, surface.  Not all of it is the fault of the reporters – much more of the blame needs to be set at the feet of the publishers, for whom a scoop is more important than the truth.

Step away from the soapbox and put it away!

It’s too hot to cook, so I’m going to get Chinese take-out and then get back to work on Angel Hunt.




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