Friday, August 27, 2004

Friday, August 27, 2004
Almost Full Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Cloudy and humid

Well, I did it. I submitted a proposal for a fourth serial, the pirate story. I’ve done enough research and written enough episodes so that I’m confident I can take it on.

I’m a basket case until I hear. Even if it’s rejected, I still have something I could shape into a special piece. But if it gets rejected, I’ll have to put it aside in favor of contracted work, and that would make me sad.

The city is already crazy and the Republican Convention hasn’t even started yet. The city was madness yesterday. Bank of America already tore down their Olympic Viewing Center at Rockefeller Center. I guess they figured it was a security risk. A group of ESUs, complete with automatic weapons, were climbing out a van as I passed. A yuppie woman with bottle blonde hair and too much plastic surgery stalked up to them and said, “I’d really feel better if you weren’t here.” They’re trained to be stoic, but you could see it hurt. So I walked up and said, “Funny, and I feel better because you are here.” Do I like walking around in a place full of guys carrying guns, the way it used to be in East Berlin when the Wall was still up? No. Do I appreciate these guys doing their jobs so I don’t get blown up? Of course I do. Besides, most of them are really good guys.

Daywork was fine yesterday. A colleague just switched everything over to Mac, and is very happy, so I need to look into it.

During the dinner break, I treated myself to some sushi and a beer at my favorite Japanese restaurant on Ninth Avenue. It was lovely and quiet. I managed to do a good bit of work on the pirate serial. I also figured out the outline of a story for a character whose name came to me a few weeks ago, but I didn’t know who she was or why I should write about her. I do now, although it will have to wait until I clear my plate a bit. I also outlined a slew of articles. Went back to the theatre to pick up my paycheck. Managed to catch the 8:10 back out here.

My compact flashcard arrived, so I’ll be able to take pictures in Rhode Island this weekend. And the discount coupon arrived via e-mail, so hopefully I can order the new printer.

One of my neighbors is moving. She’s a pastor in a local church, and has accepted a new job in Oregon. She’s tired of it here. I don’t blame her.

Went on a recon drive with a friend who has a job interview in Stamford on Monday. The place is easy to find, and it’s always good to do a test run so there’s no extra nervousness on interview day.

I’ve been house hunting, and most of what I like is up near Poughkeepsie. That’s a heck of a commute, but with commitments in Valhalla next semester, I can’t up and move to Plymouth just yet.

Got to run some errands and prepare for tomorrow.

And I want to get some more writing done today – especially on The Widow’s Chamber and Angel Hunt.

Errands done, bag packed for tomorrow – except I have to find the right notebook – dinner dishes done, and two more episodes of Widow’s Chamber written, polished, and sent. I’m done through the end of next week.

I want to relax tonight, since I have to be out of the house early tomorrow for the Rhode Island gig.



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