Monday, August 23, 2004

Monday, August 23, 2004
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Sunny, cool, beautiful

I managed two more episodes of The Widow’s Chamber last night. That catches me up through this week. I want to make sure that I write two more, and then I’m set through next week, which is an eight show week for me. Then, just as I’m in the western groove, I flip back to Angel Hunt. But I think I only need to do six episodes to write ahead through next week. I have to check back on Tapestry as well. I was pretty far ahead, but I may be getting close to the danger zone.

Up reasonably early, prepared for my interview with the college. I left in plenty of time, since I am directionally challenged, and found it without a problem.

What a beautiful campus! It’s in a town called Valhalla, and the campus certainly lives up to its name. There were a lot of geese on the grounds, which can be kind of messy, but they minded their own business and I minded mine.

I had a great interview. We even brainstormed some possible courses for next year, and she walked me through the details of the rest of the paperwork. I’ll go back on Wednesday to fill everything out. Getting it done months ahead will prevent screw-ups – we hope. Never know. At least I won’t have to sign a contract during the Merc Ret, and I can start marketing the weekend intensives elsewhere for spring. I can also start putting pen to paper for other courses for the summer.

Since I want to go away in the fall, I don’t know if I’ll submit any course ideas for fall. Maybe an intensive or two.

If the teaching experience is anywhere near as good as today’s experience, I can see myself working there for a good, long time. That wasn’t my intent when I submitted – I figured once and done – but you never know.

Now, the publicity machine has to start for both the class this fall and the classes in spring. The marketing just never stops.

Ran some errands, returned some phone calls, and worked more on the reorganizing.

Plan to write the two episodes of Widow’s Chamber, get going on Angel Hunt, and do some more work on the Playland article and the gambling fiction. I also need to get going on the almanac articles that are due at the end of September.

Plus, I want to do some more work on the business plan.

And there’s a stack of paperwork on my desk that still needs attention. Slowly but surely, it’s getting smaller. But it still exists.

I can’t wait to start teaching! I’ve always had such good experiences.



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