Monday, August 30, 2004

Monday, August 30, 2004
Last day of the full moon
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Hot, humid, rainy

We’re getting some of the leftover rains from Tropical Storm Gaston and, I think, a bit of Hermine. We’re supposed to have storms for the next few days.

I had trouble getting back into the groove of Angel Hunt yesterday, so I switched over and worked on Tapestry. In re-reading the last episode I did, I found holes large enough to drive trucks of watermelons through. I rewrote the episode, and six more flowed easily. That pretty much wore me out for the day.

One of the travel writing sites to which I subscribe had a list of 500 travel markets. I printed it off, needless to say. I can use that in my work. Also, as I scrolled through the press releases it sends me, I saw an advertisement for mushroom hunting that gave me an idea for a new story – not sure if it’s a short story or a novel, and it’s about mushrooms, but not in the way they’re usually used in the story! You never know where you’ll find the next bit of inspiration.

Working on the Playland article and on the Olympics article. It always happens – I book a full week in the theatre, think I’ve gotten all the writing under my belt, and get fresh opportunities. So, this week will be a balancing act.

More like a juggling act, with the RNC in town. The protests are huge – I’m pleasantly surprised – and fairly peaceful. I think the statement is much stronger when it is peaceful. At this point, violence only sets people against the perpetrator, and stops one from listening to the message. The police seem to be handling everything well. Ray Kelly remains calm, cool, and collected, and refuses to let the gleeful news reporters put words in his mouth. They tried to tell him he’s saying he’ll arrest protestors. He corrected them and asked, “Why would we arrest them when they’re not breaking the laws?” The reporter began gibbering like the right wing idiot he is.

So far, the delegates who have been interviewed sound like self-righteous pricks with a sense of entitlement, using God as their excuse for their behavior. I wonder how much of that is actually them and how much of that is media editing?

It’ll be an interesting week, and I will put my blow-by-blow accounts of the experiences here. I still hope they have a good time and see that New York is not some wicked, vicious place, the way it’s often portrayed – The Big Bad City. Even though our ideologies are very different, I still want them to get a chance to experience how great the city is. I still appreciate New York City’s greatness, even though I am personally burned out on it and need to be somewhere else.

Dropped off the master for the bookmarks for FenCon. They’ll be ready tomorrow. And then I can ship them off. Ran some errands. I got two large wild salmon for a great price – cut it up and now I have a freezer full of salmon. Since I seem to have developed an allergy to farmed fish and seafood, when I see a good deal on wild, I jump on it.

Closing ceremonies at the Olympics were interesting, but a bit too much. Athens did a beautiful job, and the historical value of having the Olympics there can’t be underestimated. I was also impressed by the beauty of the designs. I’m looking forward to seeing what Beijing does in 2008 – they’ve already started building!

It will be an intense week, but, hopefully a good one. As soon as Mercury turns direct, I have a writing contract to sign, and I’ll order my new printer. And then I get buckle down and truly get more productive.

Back to Angel Hunt and to see how much I can get done between now and when I have to catch a train at 10 AM tomorrow.

Kinko’s doesn’t think the bookmark will read properly, but there’s no way I’m paying triple for full colour. I told them to just go ahead and do it. Hopefully, there will be enough shades of gray so it’ll be okay. Otherwise, it’s back to Square One for me, design-wise.


Keep It Coming accepted the pirate serial, Cutthroat Charlotte! I’m thrilled, because I’ve been playing with this idea for several months now, and gotten very attached to it.

I sent the first three episodes, and as soon as there’s a new link, it’ll be posted, plus a new publicity blitz. I’m going to sign a nine-month contract, which will take me through next June.

I’m going to structure my time so that I do a full month’s episodes for each serial in a week, concentrating only on one serial that week. This week is an exception – I need to catch up on six issues of Angel Hunt and do the next six issues of Cutthroat Charlotte to be completely up to speed.

My readership is growing on the serials – I just need to find a marketing trick to make the readership grow . . .faster. Now that I’ve covered western, mystery, horror and action/adventure, there should be enough for a variety of tastes.

Time to get back to writing, and also run off some flyers for a new mailing. As soon as Charlotte’s up on the site, I’ll do a follow-up mailing just about that.

It never stops.

I need to have my head examined, taking all this on. A minimum commitment of 8000 words per week, plus the other articles I’m contracting to do.

I figure I’ll be raising my weekly minimum to somewhere between 10,000 and 12,000 words. Some of those words need to be focused on my novels so that they’ll be finished and ready to market.

I’ll have to make good use of my dinner breaks this week!

But I’m so, so, so happy!

Coming soon: Cutthroat Charlotte, an action/adventure tale of pirates on the high sea!


At 6:38 AM, Blogger Colin said...

Delighted to read of the turn in the tide and how happy you are just now (and not a PC problem in sight!) 12K a week though - *phew*!! :-)


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