Saturday, August 21, 2004

Saturday, August 21, 2004
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Hot, stormy, humid

I can’t seem to shake the exhaustion. No matter how much I sleep, I wake up just as exhausted and dizzy as I was before I went to bed.

Worked on a few more episodes of The Widow’s Chamber and polished the ones I’ve worked on earlier in the week. Sent four episodes to my editor – and that was a trip. The AOL server wasn’t working properly. Why do I need to keep two paid subscriptions to the internet because one of the servers is constantly down? Why can’t these companies do the jobs for which they are paid?

Ordered one more ink cartridge for the current printer – I plan to order a new printer – a Canon – in a few weeks. Ordered more photo cartridges and a new compact flashcard for the camera.

Printed some of the photos from my digital camera with my photo card printer.

Yesterday was a wonderful day. My friend – who’s asked to be referred to as “Curly Sue” – came out from Queens. I gave her the tour of Rye – including many of my childhood and teen haunts – and we ended up at Playland.

Playland is the most wonderful amusement park I’ve ever experienced. I hadn’t gone there as a regular person in a long time – I have to write articles about it. The original rides are still wonderful – our favorites were The Old Mill and The Derby Racer.

The Derby Racer is one of two such rides left in this country. It is sort of like a carousel, but the horses are meant to represent race horses. In addition to going up and down, without the poles, the ride is slanted so that you’re tilted in towards the center. You have to have one leg on a high stirrup peg and one leg on a low stirrup peg and lean. The ride itself runs at 25 mph at its fastest – and it feels like you’re on a galloping horse. My instinct is to behave as I do on a live horse – which is communicate with pressure from my legs and thighs – but, since the horse is out of whatever material it is, he can’t respond. Still, it’s a brilliant ride, and I want to talk to those who know the history of it about some of the whys and wherefores.

The Old Mill is an old animatronics ride with every bad Scandinavian mining/troll cliché you can imagine – and it’s funny as hell. We were laughing hysterically throughout – in addition to getting water dumped, sprayed, and splashed at us. It is not politically correct at all, but ever so funny, and even pokes fun at itself. We laughed like crazy!

We also went onto the Flying Witch, which I remembered from being a kid – our favorite animatronics was the female ghost who shimmied. We went into the Zombie House, which was okay, and the Hall of Mirrors. I didn’t realize that, in order for the distortion to really work, it had to be set so that it reflected at an angle a mirror behind you as well. We went on the regular carousel – gorgeous horses and a beautiful calliope. Although if I had to listen to that all day, I think I’d turn into a homicidal maniac. I’ve discovered that I like a calliope – for two minutes or less. We rode the Ferris wheel – called “The Gondola” – and I took some lovely photos from the top.

Kiddyland has gotten cuter and cuter, with a ride for the kids in little boats shaped like seals, and a ride called “Jungle Jam” where they sit as though they’re being hugged by a gorilla and get jiggled around for a few minutes.

We visited the Boardwalk museum. I took pictures of the women prop painters that I’ve been trying to research – and I’m right – there are FIVE women in the photographs, although I’ve only found a record for four. I’m not crazy – at least not as far as remembering how many women were in the photograph.

I feel like I owe it to these women to write about them – both non-fiction articles and a novel.

I do want to write articles and some fiction set in Playland. It is a truly magical place. The thought that it might be in danger from developers upsets me greatly. It is an historical landmark – but can that save it indefinitely?

I also had “dipping dots” pseudo-ice cream for the first time. It’s good! Although, in my case, it should be called “dripping dots” because I got it all over myself.

My only complaint about Playland is why do they have to blast such lame music over the speakers? I’m not talking about fun or clichéd stuff, set to period – I’m talking about broadcasting music from some lousy radio station that plays lousy seventies and eighties music – at least play the good stuff!

We walked over the park to Seaside Johnnie’s restaurant for a nice dinner overlooking the water. The food and the service were excellent – I had wonderful baked scallops, and Curly Sue had fried clam strips. The portions were generous, the décor is simple – and I still thought it was rather overpriced for being where it is.

In the time it took us to eat our entire dinner, the guys at the next table had about six beers apiece. I hope they weren’t driving.

It was a good day. Although I have a lot of writing ahead of me, a day like this makes me happy to be around, and living where I’m living.

And more determined than ever to set up my life so I can get paid to have fun like this and write about it.

Got a response from a query with a request for the manuscript of Jill Moves. Will send that out on Monday. Also have to work on a short story for a new website for “intelligent gamblers.” About time someone figured out you have to have a brain to win playing the ponies.

Cleaned and scrubbed the apartment today while the thunderstorm was on and I couldn’t be on the computer.

Received a message from the Executive Office at Dell. I’ll call them back on Monday and see how they’re going to try – or not try – to fix this situation.

I need to get to work on the Olympic article.

So much to do. And so little energy.



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