Sunday, August 01, 2004

Sunday, August 1, 2004
Last Day of the Full Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Muggy and rainy

Yesterday was a Blue Moon! The second full moon within a calendar month! I enjoy blue moons! They make everything seem possible. No wonder I was in such good spirits.

Spent too much time fretting on the business plan and not enough time actually doing anything about it. I wasn’t worrying – I was fretting. Fretting is more frustrating than worrying – it uses more energy, with fewer results.

But I wrote two episodes of Angel Hunt, worked on the calendar article and the short story, and critiqued a manuscript, so it wasn’t completely a lost day.

The ideas for the YA, the pirate story and the political/fantasy novel were getting all intertwined as I thought about them today. In other words, muddled. I have to untangle them rather as one untangles a basket full of yarn scraps.

Will revise the calendar article tomorrow and send it off by the end of the day, then finish up the Christmas story.

A friend from writers’ group got a contract with KIC – hooray for her! I’m very excited. And my friend B. called to tell me we won on the horses on Friday.

So, in spite of the useless fretting, a few things got accomplished.



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