Sunday, August 29, 2004

Sunday, August 29, 2004
Full Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Hot, steamy, humid

What a glorious day in Newport yesterday! The weather was great – although it was hot and humid, there was a nice breeze. HEALTH magazine did a terrific job with the fair – the booths had terrific vendors, the event staff was nice, everyone was into being there. I got some terrific ideas on nutrition, fitness, and beauty. I had one of the best massages I’ve ever had in my life from a guy named Mark Pawlak – everything he did was completely in tune with the work my acupuncturist does.

There were cooking demonstrations, yoga classes, nutritional consultations, Pilates, rock climbing, hair colorists, manicures, brow shaping, massage, wine tasting, face painting, stuff for kids to do. I had interesting conversations with representatives from both Carnation and Kellogg’s.

Cora (the friend who went with me) and I took the Spirit of Newport boat tour and that was great, too. It got me all excited again about America’s Cup races – even though they haven’t been held in Newport since 1983. I want to learn more about them. To see some of the boats used in the races that are still used – it’s so great to know they weren’t simply built for the race and then destroyed. The boats are spoken of with such affection, as members of the community, and I really like it.

There’s a lighthouse called the Rose Island Lighthouse where you can book a week and be the guest lighthouse keeper – I want to learn more about that. And Fort Adams. And the Yachting Museum. We visited one of the local churches, St. Mary’s, and there was an organ recital in progress. I don’t know much about sacred music, but even I could hear the proficiency of the players.

We were going to lunch at The Black Pearl, but the staff was so rude, we left. We ended up at the Wharf Deli and Pub. Not only was the staff terrific, the food was outstanding. I had a fried clam strip role and Blue Moon ale – Blue Moon is one of my favorite beers. Cora had a seafood salad that looked just divine (and tasted even better). We bought beautifully scented candles at Newport Candle Company (at astonishingly good prices), and, at Macey Blue, I bought some batik clothing. Batik designs actually look good on me, and, at these prices, I couldn’t resist. They feel terrific on the body (especially with my sunburn).

Yes, although I slathered on the sunscreen, I still resemble a cooked lobster.

The Newport Library has a great bookstore run by Friends of the Newport Library – I bought five books for a total of $2.93, including tax! A worthwhile place to visit. I have to visit every bookstore and library I pass anyway. We investigated another second hand bookstore on the way back, and searched for a farmer’s market we’d seen driving in, but it mysteriously vanished by the time we headed out.

I gathered enough material for at least ten articles, not to mention a shopping bag full of information on other sights in Rhode Island that could be fodder for more – both fiction and non-fiction. It was a good month’s worth of research packed into one relaxed and beautiful day.

As we drove southbound on I-95, heading home, northbound looked like the scene of a mass evacuation. The entire state of Connecticut was backed up – and the majority of the cars had NY plates. Everyone who can is fleeing the Republican convention.

I am not looking forward to a full week of work in that mess. I don’t want the RNC here. My life, and the lives of most around me, have been terribly hurt by the policies of the Republican Party over the past four years. I don’t – and won’t – belong to a political party. I vote for the candidate who convinces me he or she has a viable plan to make the lives of the constituents better. And then follows through. The current administration has done the opposite.

And the delegates better remember they are guests in the city. I will certainly be polite and helpful to anyone who approaches me, but they better not march around with a sense that because they’re delegates, their desires supersede mine.

So today I will rest, relax, and write as much as possible. Tomorrow is about writing and running the errands I can’t run the rest of the week. Then, it’s getting to and from the theatre every day, and trying to keep a positive attitude.

The life I want is the life I’ve experienced over the past week or so – traveling around, doing what interests me, asking questions, meeting people, finding out what makes them tick. And now, I have to communicate it interestingly and well, so that I’m paid to live a life doing just that – traveling, learning, and communicating people’s interests to other people around the world.

So I know what I want. Now I have to build it.

That’s the purpose of a Chiron retrograde – to teach one the soul’s purpose. Hopefully, I’m learning that lesson properly.



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