Friday, September 10, 2004

Friday, September 10, 2004
Waning Moon
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

The cats woke me at 4:30 this morning, out of a weird dream that combined working on a show with being on islands in the Caribbean (left over from both the storm watch and the pirate research). None of it made any sense, except for it being a complete and utter anxiety dream.

I finally got up at 7 to move the car back to the lot and check the brook, which has gone down to a reasonable level. It’s not supposed to rain today, so I should be safe. Also, I don’t want to take advantage of the good nature of the local police department – after all, I parked directly under a “1 hour parking” sign for two full days – although I left a note on the dash explaining why.

People in the neighborhood have their ruined belongings stacked on the curb, awaiting the garbage trucks. It’s sad.

I wrote ten pages of Amber Tiger yesterday – much of it while I waited for the pirate research to print out, which took several hours. If I try to work in another window while it’s printing, the printer pitches a fit and won’t print for the rest of the day. So I had to let it do its thing and write longhand. Amber Tiger fit the bill, and is going well.

But I’m way behind on where I need to be for Angel Hunt, and I’ll lose most of today.

I grew very despondent last night – between the upcoming anniversary of September 11 tomorrow, the problems in Iraq, the problems in Sudan, and the upcoming election, it’s just overwhelming. Dealing with the aftermath of 9/11 has not become easier. If anything, it becomes more and more difficult. Whether it’s discussed or not, those of us who live here (and, I assume, those in Washington), have to deal with it every single day, and will, for the rest of our lives, no matter where we go. Some days it’s fine. Many days it’s not. And new techniques to help people deal with it have to be created as we go along, because the ones already in place don’t work.

So when someone in another part of the country who didn’t live through the attacks onsite, who didn’t lose people, says, “Oh, come on, it was three years ago, get over it” – well, one never gets over something like this. You learn to live with it, and the learning process continues.

Oklahoma City has had to learn to live with it. Lockerbie, Scotland, has learned to live with it. And that’s what we’re trying to do.

Need to pull myself together to go into the city and get my errands done, then try to get some work done before I head for Old Greenwich later today.

I tried to reach Greenwich Continuing Education constantly yesterday to see if the reception was on – since we didn’t get the storms and more flooding as threatened – but no one answered or responded to be e-mails. So I didn’t go, and politics be damned!

The good news: Cutthroat Charlotte is up! With the artwork Michelle designed! It looks great:

And, my friend Colin has pitched an idea to KIC. I’m honored that he let me read the pitch – it’s excellent, and I really, really, REALLY hope it sells, because I think it’s a wonderful story.


Thursday, Sept. 9
Part II:

Somehow, my editor misplaced episodes 86-89 of Widow’s Chamber, so I had to reformat them and resend them. Angel Hunt and Cutthroat Charlotte are written in her format, but WC is in regular manuscript format and has to be transferred into her format for each issue. It’s time consuming more than anything, and my head’s not in 1852 right now, so it was a bit of a jolt. But it got done.

Found a great site for the research I need for Cutthroat Charlotte, and am printing off the info. It gives me good leads for further research. I’d promised myself I wouldn’t research this one on the fly, but that’s what’s happened. Oh, well, I better hop to it. The printing is taking forever because the printer is wonky, as per usual.

Using the time the information is printing to do some filing and also do some work on Amber Tiger.

Of course, now that we’re prepared for a major storm, it’s simply sat and been horrid and humid all day. The sun has sneaked a peak occasionally, and flood warnings are still out. My instinct is not to go to the meet-and-greet tonight in Greenwich. I e-mailed them to ask if it was happening and got no response. I just have a strong feeling I shouldn’t go too far afield tonight.

Finally finished The Clerk’s Tale and now am hungry for more Margaret Frazer books. Well, I can stop at a bookstore in the city tomorrow and get more. It’s not as though I have nothing to read around here!



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Cutthroat Charlotte sounds ingtriguing and the artwork is awesome! Good luck with that one!


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