Friday, September 03, 2004

Friday, September 3, 2004
Waning Moon
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny, cool, lovely

I am so tired I could just curl up and cry from sheer exhaustion. Some idiot turned on a jackhammer this morning down the street, and I thought I was going to run out there waving a meat cleaver. The sound of a jackhammer makes me go literally crazy. There’s probably a scientific name for it. There wouldn’t have been anything scientific about it if they hadn’t stopped. This is my day to work, and they’re not allowed to destroy it.

Violet, my smallest cat, has become obsessed with the toaster. It’s chrome, and she is fascinated at the distortion of image in the side. Unfortunately, she also tried to put her paw in it. I have to keep it unplugged now because she figured out how to get the cover off. Actually, the oldest cat, Felicia (my rocket scientist) showed her.

I barely made it through day work yesterday. I was so tired I was shaking. I shouldn’t be that tired from only two days at the theatre. For some reason, the show drains me.

I had a good plate of pasta and glass of wine at Rino Trattoria on 8th Avenue and felt much better. I had plenty of energy to do the show.

Every time I watch the RNC speeches, I want to vomit. Distortion of history, no specifics on a plan to improve the daily lives of the country, and they’re getting cheered. It’s truly frightening.

Russia wiped the ice with the US team in World Cup hockey. It was embarrassing. What’s up with Hull and Chelios? They’re much better players than that. Esche was good in goal, but he can’t be the whole team unto himself. DiPietro is going to be in goal tonight. He’s gotten tougher both mentally and physically this past year, and he’s going to need every ounce of both his skill and determination tonight. If he can keep a cool head and not let the other team get under his skin and into his skull, he can do it.

And of course, Team Canada is sailing along, with Martin St. Louis, Vincent Lecavelier, Scotty Niedermayer, et al.

I wish I was there.

Of course, I’d want to attend all the hockey games between all the teams.

I need to get down to business. There’s a lot to do and not that many hours left in my day.

Wild Child published “The Goddess Greenroom” (co-written with Avonne Thomson). It was originally part of Moon Tribe Tales: The International Women’s Day Project 1999 that we created and performed in New York:

Also, my friend B.K. Birch’s story, “A Soldier’s Story” is in the same issue:

She writes the “Pure Grace” blog linked above. The story’s great! I’m so thrilled for her!

Did some work on the newsletter, sent my editor more info on Cutthroat Charlotte so she can list the page. I’m frustrated because I’m so tired I can’t think straight, I have a lot of writing to do and no energy, and I STILL haven’t gotten my website up. I can’t concentrate because I’m so tired. I lie down and I can’t rest because I’m so tense about everything that has to get done. I don’t have to leave until 3 PM today, but the morning’s nearly gone and I haven’t accomplished much.

Maybe there’s away to use the frustration in the writing. Actors use their emotions for roles – maybe I can figure out a way to parlay this.

If I drink any more coffee today, the cats will have to peel me off the ceiling.

At least the weather is pretty, the Republicans have left, and we should have a good start to the Labor Day weekend.

Off to write what I’m supposed to be writing. At least this was a good warm-up, and I’m getting words on paper (well, on screen, but you know what I mean).

Coming soon: Cutthroat Charlotte, an action/adventure pirate saga on the high seas!


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