Monday, September 06, 2004

Monday, September 6, 2004
Waning Moon
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and cool

Started off the day by doing three loads of laundry. I actually enjoy laundry – you can see what you’ve accomplished when you’re done.

Ilora, Constantin, Pablo and Tora are talking a lot in my head, but not answering the questions I need answered in order to write their story. So I’ll let them gab for awhile and just listen.

Meanwhile, I have other work to do, so they can only be heard when I’m doing dishes or laundry.

Cutthroat Charlotte needs attention, and I have to get going with Angel Hunt. This is my week to do the entire month’s worth of episodes for AH. Plus, there are articles that need attention and press releases to be done for the class in Greenwich. And a couple of short stories need work. The list never ends.

Wrote episodes 4 & 5 of Cutthroat Charlotte. They need some work. I’ll put them aside and then do revisions later tonight or tomorrow. I also want to do some fact checking about women’s property rights in 1718.

Angel Hunt is the most challenging of the serials. It takes me longer to get into the groove of it each time, and I’m constantly wrestling with it. I like it when I’m in it – it feels right – but there’s always resistance with that one. Maybe part of it is because I’m asking questions that mean something to me, and seeking answers much like the character is. If only I was as talented and together as my protagonist!

Of course, all I really want to do is bury myself in more Margaret Frazer novels, but I’m not allowing myself to do so until I’ve written more on Angel Hunt. I’m in the middle of issue 51 right now, and I need to write up through #63 in order to be where I need to be by the end of the month.

Since Lianna is about to meet The Hermit, maybe I’ll take out some of my tarot decks, pull the Hermit cards, and see what kind of inspiration I can get from that.

I pulled the Hermit cards from The Herbal Tarot (associated with licorice), The Tarot of the Old Path (called “The Wise One”), The Medieval Scapini, The Celtic Dragon, and the Arthurian. Okay, cards, talk to me!

Although, I guess the whole point of being a hermit is not having to talk to anyone!

Reworked episode 50 of AH, wrote the first drafts of episodes 51 and 52. I will work on 53 when I get back this evening, and then I need to turn out two episodes per day for the rest of the week. It would be nice if Wednesday could be particularly productive and I could do three or four, and then have a few more days at the end of the week for Cutthroat Charlotte.

Researching women’s legal rights in South Carolina in the early 1700s. I want to double check the details of business and property rights. I’ve found some info on the Internet, which I’m double-checking with an historian friend, and also asking her to point me in the direction of more info.

Now, I have to get ready for this afternoon. I’m going to a cookout in Old Greenwich. I’m doing a good deal of the cooking, which is great, because they have a magnificent kitchen. And two dogs.

Coming soon: Cutthroat Charlotte


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