Saturday, September 18, 2004

Saturday, September 18, 2004
Waxing Moon
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde

I lost the entire day yesterday in waiting for the storm that never broke. So, of course, today, when not only do I HAVE to work, but I’m feeling creative, today is the day the storm hits.

I did mange to read Margaret Frazer’s The Squire’s Tale yesterday and enjoyed it very much. Also, this week, I’ve become hooked on Denis Leary’s series, Rescue Me. I’ve always enjoyed his work, his intelligence, and the fact that he does not suffer fools gladly. The writing in this series is wonderful.

I can’t get on the board for writers’ group today – I don’t know why there’s a problem. I can get everywhere else I need to on the Net.

Guess I have to concentrate on as much writing as I can as the waters rise.

Rewrote episode 62 of Angel Hunt, finished and revised episode 63 and sent them off. Wrote the first draft of episodes 94 & 95 of Widow’s Chamber and will see how far I can get with that today. I slid back into its rhythm easily. As of November, I will have written that serial for a full year. And I still have plenty of story to tell.

I need to buy stamps this week. I have a stack of queries and submissions that need to go out. Not to mention work on articles. It’s all good; it’s just that I have to figure out how to balance the financial aspect so that I have enough steady money coming in from the writing not to worry. There’s some regular money coming in, but the lag time between the writing and payment is too long for me to meet the bills on just the creative work. So I need to build up the manuscript critique and business writing in order to have x amount of money coming in per week or month and still leave time for the other work with longer pay periods. All part of the learning process.

I finally closed out the MSN account – it nearly killed me to get everything transferred. I stored far too much information in the account. That’s a mistake I don’t intend to make with my AOL and Yahoo accounts. I need to print off and file once a week or once a month. It’ll save wear and tear on me in the long run.

So much for a paperless office.

I hadn’t realized how much the MSN account and its problems weighed me down until I cancelled it. I felt like I was free of a vise.

Back to Widow’s Chamber. Because I have to do a show tomorrow, tomorrow’s writing will be given over to more business-oriented than fictional work.

And I still have to set up the new printer, but, since I have to have everything running while I do so, I don’t want to set up in the middle of a thunderstorm and have everything short out.

On the positive side, I’m high and dry, the place has plenty of supplies, and the car is safe. Other than headaches from the pressure changes in the atmosphere, I’m in good shape.

And I want to ride the wave of Widow’s Chamber down the Mississippi. Mercy’s subplot is moving a bit too swiftly. I have to ask her to hold back. But, she’s following her heart, and her decisions will give Nora the courage to follow her own heart about thirty chapters down the road.



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