Monday, September 13, 2004

September 13, 2004
Part II:

The buzzer rang and it was DHL with a very small package. I was, naturally, curious, since it was addressed to me, and it was a small package instead of a large one – and I’m expecting my new printer to arrive any day now.

I opened the box and there was part of the printer.

A USB cord.

That’s it.

Way to go, Dell.

It’s obviously coming in bits.

I felt guilty as I placed the final ink cartridges in my Lexmark today, feeling badly about getting rid of the printer, even though it’s never worked properly in the two years since I bought it. But, eventually, I get some of what I request and I’ve received plenty of documents I’d never seen before, much less asked to print. Then, of course, the printer had the usual fit it has when I change ink cartridges and we battled for a good forty minutes before it calmed down and printed properly again.

End of guilt.

I keep getting “Runtime errors” in the Word processing program, which is slowing me down. Urgh. And my computer swears my new modem – which is supposedly identical to the one that was replaced – does not have fax capacity. Double urgh.

Managed to write episodes 59 & 60 of Angel Hunt and get started on episode 61. I’m so tired I can barely sit up.

I should have finished printing out the rest of what I need from the old e-mail account to finally close it down. While I’ve cleaned up 70%, there’s still 30% to go and I just don’t have the energy. I need to concentrate on my deadlines first. But I don’t want to pay for two accounts when I’m no longer using one just because it’s taking me forever to clean it out.

In one of my breaks (read “procrastinations”), I found (by accident) I submitted my site, and then read about thirty or forty other blogs. It’s interesting to see the various points of view and the different ways people use this tool. It also makes me even prouder of the friends and colleagues whose blogs are linked to my page – their insight and talent shines far above most of what I read today. I have a few more links to add – for some reason, it always takes a few tries to get it right, so I have to do it when I’m caught up, and then I misplaced the links – it’s one of THOSE days.

I had a good cry this afternoon without much reason other than exhaustion. I felt better, until I turned on the news to hear about Iraq, Hurricane Ivan and the fact that the ban on assault weapons expires tonight. Now, there’s no reason for a regular citizen to own an assault weapon. It’s not like you use them to go hunting for your supper. The only reason to own one is to kill people. Lots of people. So why is it legal again?

Finished first draft of AH #61. Will eat some dinner, and then decide if I want to push ahead with #62 & #63, or if I should work on CC or WC as originally scheduled.

I could go to bed right now and be perfectly happy.



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