Wednesday, September 29, 2004

September 29 Part II:

Wrote the first draft of one of the articles and half of the first draft of the second one. It’s a good start, and I have a good idea on how to structure the third one. I want to get the first drafts of all three done tonight and then rewrite them and send them off tomorrow.

I’ll have to get up extra early tomorrow – I have to leave early for day work, because there’s a union meeting. After the meeting, while I’m waiting around for my check, maybe I’ll pop into the Coffee Pot and get some more writing done.

I don’t feel a bit guilty about not writing out in Montauk – I needed the break. I was losing joy in the process and in crafting the words, and a respite was necessary. I was definitely itchy to get back to writing by yesterday, but it was good to have a few days off.

I don’t ever want to paint myself into a corner where writing becomes a chore.

Did some research on the Internet, trolled the job boards and found a couple of interesting possibilities. Now I have to figure out how to do the preparation and the proposals without it putting me behind on the work that’s on deadline. The radio jobs always catch my eye. I want to do more work in radio. It’s a medium I find completely fascinating.

Too bad I need to sleep. In my twenties, I needed very little sleep. When I was overbooked, I could forgo sleep for a couple of days before it caught up. Now that I’m, ahem, beyond my twenties, it doesn’t work that way. And I can’t drink as much as I used to either. Which might not be a bad thing.

Printed out my Submission Log to see where the holes were. I’d forgotten to update some of the items. Other items needed follow-up. I wrote follow-up e-mails on submissions made over the past few months and gave them my change of e-mail address. Some of the e-mails were just to update the address and say, “hi, I’m still alive.” One or two submissions have been over six months, and I asked what the status was. If they don’t want the pieces, I have other places to submit.

One PR firm to which I submitted a package and simply updated my info and asked to be kept on file immediately responded, thanking me for the update and reassuring me they’d keep me in mind. That place will get a Christmas card, that’s for sure!

I’ll wait two weeks on the other long-term updates, and then pull the pieces so I can resubmit. It’s not cost-effective to keep work tied up for eight months or more.

I also noticed that I have a slew of short stories to submit. The new Writer’s Market is out, so I ought to be able to sit down with it and figure it out. In the meantime, due to lit mags usually taking a long time to respond, I have to sit with my tracking sheets and see if anything’s still hanging over from 2003, if I need to pull anything, what markets just don’t like my work at all, and if there are pieces that should be “retired.”

I received my first issue of Maisonneuve, a magazine based out of Montreal. I like it a lot, but I’m completely unsuited to them as a writer. That’s a disappointment for me, but it saves us all time and energy. I don’t fit into their Alternative Box anymore than I fit into, say, Redbook’s Mainstream Box.

Spent too much time reading other people’s blogs. Some of them are great fun, but I’m surprised at how many are rarely updated. Those are the ones that don’t get added to my links list.

The ideal would be to finish the one and a half articles still to go and then write two more episodes of Widow’s Chamber – but I’m not sure I’ve got that many words left in me today -- in spite of the morning’s yoga session and baking banana bread for breakfast, which certainly gave me more energy than simply stumbling around trying to find the coffeepot. Although I drank an entire pot of coffee this morning.

I still haven’t done the press release for Cutthroat Charlotte and I’m behind on both the library mailing and the writers’ conference mailing. And next week, the Newsletter has to go out. Good thing I’ve kept up with it over the past weeks – all I have to do is give it a polish and it’s good to go. Oh, yeah, and I have to give n2arts a bit of a nudge for future articles. And . . .




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