Sunday, September 12, 2004

Sunday, September 12, 2004
Waning Moon
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

The day before the dark of the moon is when my energy is at its lowest; unfortunately, there’s a good deal to do.

Yesterday was spent mostly in silence, in prayer and meditation in honor of those who died and those who were left behind. Wayne Gretzky had his Team Canada players wear patches commemorating 9/11 in the World Cup Game last night, and there was a moment of silence. He’s a class act all the way, and I realize how fortunate that we are of the same generation, and I’ve experienced his talent, his intelligence, and his graciousness first-hand.

By the way, Canada beat Czechoslovakia in overtime 4-3. It was an amazing game. Unfortunately, on Friday night, the US team lost to Finland. I’m sorry for the US, but since Miikka Kiprusoff is one of my favorite players, I’m happy for Finland. And Jeremy Roenick was an outstanding commentator, to my pleasant surprise. Since he’s often smarter than those sent to interview him, and doesn’t suffer fools gladly, he doesn’t always come off as well as possible in interviews (although he’s always highly entertaining). But to have him there on a live feed – one could really see what he’s made of, OFF the ice as well as on. And it's outstanding. I have no clue for which team I’ll root in the finals on Tuesday.

And that may be our last day of hockey for a long time. There’s been no agreement, and the owners will lock out the NHL players as of Tuesday night.

I hope the players stand firm for as long as it takes. They can’t back down. They should NOT agree to a salary cap. The owners’ greed is what caused this problem, and it is the owners that need to be policed and that need to police themselves. The players should not be penalized because of poor management decisions. You don’t need a salary cap. Simply do not offer obscene amounts of money in your contracts. It’s that simple.

Both sides need to take their dicks off the table and stop measuring them, and start negotiating with their brains.

And the players need to make the owners stand down.

I would not be sorry to see Bettman ousted over this. His anti-labor comments in Nashville in 2003 enraged me.

I managed to get some writing done yesterday, although not as much as I’d like. I completely rewrote episode 52 of Angel Hunt, and wrote 53, 54, & 55. I started 56 before I ran out of steam. I’ll continue with that and see how far I can go. I need to be through episode 63 to be where I need to be for the month, but I doubt I can do that much today.

Cutthroat Charlotte is already starting to sell, which is great, but means I have less time to get the first month’s episodes done than I thought.

And tomorrow, I have to start in on The Widow’s Chamber tomorrow in order to get my month’s episodes in for that by the end of the week.

So I’ll be writing three serials simultaneously and also working on articles.

I saw a radio job I really, really want and I’m putting together a packet for that. I seriously doubt I have a shot at it, but I have to try.

And the press releases have to go out tomorrow for both the Dialogue Workshop and Cutthroat Charlotte.

The front hallway smelled like a swamp because of the still-wet shoes from the flood. I pulled up the carpet, washed the floor and washed the carpet. I’m writing while I wait for it to dry. Also had to go out and get more paper and do some grocery shopping. The chores won’t do themselves, after all!

Good thing there’s no hockey tonight, so I can get something done.



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