Sunday, September 05, 2004

Sunday, September 5
Waning Moon
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Cloudy and muggy

Well, it’s been quite a weekend, and a long week, and I’m glad to be home and get back to my “real life.” I’m starting to sound like May Sarton on one of her cranky days.

I may have been a little too cheerful at the prospect of this being my last scheduled day on the show for awhile. I hope I didn’t hurt any of the actors’ feelings. I truly enjoy the actors on this piece, and miss interacting with them. However, the time has come for me to concentrate on what I’m supposed to be doing, which is the writing. And I can’t do eight shows – not on this show, anyway – and write at the level I need to be writing right now.

Hey, I’m trying to learn this Chiron Retrograde lesson (Chiron is about the soul’s purpose) before the Saturn Retrograde later in the year. Because if I haven’t learned it properly this time around, Saturn will kick my ass around the block!!! (Saturn is the planet of life lessons).

The city is slipping back into its usual frantic rhythms. There’s still a high alert, but everyone’s breathing a sigh of relief that the RNC has left town.

The shows went well. My body can feel the results of handling the heavy costumes eight times this week, but the track I was on has less emotional stress than many of the others, and I prefer it.

I realized about half way through today’s show that transitioning out of theatre is the right choice, and it’s okay. I’ll miss things, but there’s no reason for it to be heartbreaking drama. I’ve had a great career for over 20 years in this business. I’ve done things most people only fantasize about, and then don’t even know what it is they think they desire. I’ve been lucky. And I’m grateful. And it’s time to go before I become bitter and angry like far too many people who stay in the business too long.

I got the administrative information for the big Y in NYC, and I’ll put together a teaching proposal for them.

I haven’t done any work on the serials or the articles that I needed to do this past week.

But, as I walked back on Saturday early morning from the grocery store, two characters began to speak in my head – Harriet and Benjy – and I have much more information than I really want on them right now. I think many of their adventures will take place in Northumberland. It’s time for me to write about that area of the world that I love so much. I jotted it all down (taking dictation – I’m so glad I never learned shorthand or I’d be stuck in an office for my whole life) and it’s sitting in the notebook waiting to be dealt with. Several other characters – Ilora, Constantin, Pablo, and Tora – also had a lot to say. They, however, are from a different piece.

I’ve become obsessed with Margaret Frazer’s Dame Frevisse mysteries. I’m gobbling them up at a rate of one per day. I bought three more on Friday, and I’ve already read two of them. I’m not reading them in order, and they do cover time chronologically, so it’s rather like putting together bits of a puzzle. When I’ve got them all, I’ll start at the beginning and re-read them in order. I don’t think I’ll mind that at all. They are definitely worth re-reading.

I’ll wind up buying more of them this week, although I should wait and pay some bills first. But they’re like an addiction. And books are an addiction I allow.

I have the 9/11 Commission Report sitting on the table, staring at me balefully. As a citizen, I need to read it, even though I watched a good portion of the hearings. I need to know, in my own time, and in detail, what they found out. Even though it’s going to make me angry.

I managed to write an episode and a half of Angel Hunt on Friday. I think I’ll move some of the “half” episode back to the earlier episode – I think it will flow better and have a better cliffhanger if I do that.

Elsa’s Sweater was rejected – by a publisher to whom I’d submitted it nearly a year ago! So I have to turn that around. And I have to get out press releases, query letters, write six more episodes of Cutthroat Charlotte, and the month’s worth of episodes for Angel Hunt. Not to mention the articles which should have been written last week and weren’t.

Tomorrow I’m only going to write a half day – and Tuesday I’m at the theatre. But the rest of the week is all about typing.

I feel hopeful.

Coming soon: Cutthroat Charlotte, an action/adventure pirate saga on the high seas!


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