Thursday, September 02, 2004

Thursday, September 2, 2004
Waning Moon
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny, cool, beautiful

Well, I survived another Mercury Retrograde, thank goodness. One more to go this year. I sure hope there aren’t four retrogrades next year as well.

I didn’t get much done yesterday before leaving for the theatre. I counted out the bookmarks to send to FenCon and found the printer shorted me by 100. I had enough to send off, but not the extras I for which I paid. I went back this morning and they ran the rest of them for me – once again, nearly losing my original – but I was standing right there and made them hunt it down and FIND it. Come on, people, do the job right the first time!!!

I am so tired of cleaning up after people.

The city had more foot traffic today, but still light on vehicle traffic. It makes getting around easier.

The shows were fine. I trained a swing – someone I’ve known and worked with for a dozen years. She followed me during the matinee and I followed her for the evening. She did an excellent job, and hopefully the show will keep her.

Nearly a big mistake in the evening show – by people not thinking. Two girls were out, and the swings were both scheduled to wear the same ball gown for the crossover – and the supervisors AND the people who set the ball gown rack didn’t think of it until I mentioned it when I picked up the costume for the change. It was ridiculous and should never have happened. The show has been running for a year – why don’t the people who set the racks and make the decisions EVER think anything through? But it all worked out.

Of course, MY actress got the ball gown. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My friend Michelle (who writes two KIC serials and the blog “Insane Ramblings of a Warped Mind” linked above) came up with an artwork design for Cutthroat Charlotte. Instead of falling into the clichés, it’s mysterious and ominous. I like it.

USA lost to Canada in World Cup hockey. The US plays Russia tonight. I wish I could watch it. But I’ll be at the show.

Very tired and my body is feeling the effect of the many large costumes and working on a raked stage.

Working on the press release for the class at Greenwich HS, which has to go out next week, and press stuff for Cutthroat Charlotte. Of course, I have to write a few more issues of CC before I can actively promote it.

My subscriptions doubled from last month. I’d like to keep up the momentum, which will need several mailings over the course of the month. I need to reach a broader base with the information, so that if one of the serials is of interest, people will actually subscribe. The larger the pool of people exposed, the more likely I am to get closer to a living wage from the serials.

I hope the ad in the FenCon program at the end of the month generates some subscriptions. The general figure is that, from direct marketing, a 1% positive response is considered good. FenCon expects 500 attendees, which means gaining 5 new subscriptions would be a 1% positive response. Which isn’t much, but it shows how large a direct marketing piece needs to be in order to be truly effective.

I hope I can nap on the train. I am wiped out.

Reading Yasmine Galenorn’s Legend of the Jade Dragon. I’m hoping for a different ending than the expected one for this genre. I hope Galenorn surprises me. Just because the statue in the story is cursed doesn’t mean it has to stay cursed.

I need to pace myself today. I didn’t take day work tomorrow so that I can have a good five or six hours to write. Which means I have to make sure I’m not too exhausted to make use of the time.

Coming soon: Cutthroat Charlotte, an action/adventure pirate saga on the high seas


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