Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Wednesday, September 1, 2004
Waning Moon
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Pleasant and sunny

Wow, when things start rolling, they keep on going!

Angel Hunt was named as the Editor’s Choice for September. I’m very pleased:

I picked up the Angel Hunt bookmarks yesterday. They are excellent, in spite of the copy place saying they needed to be bumped up to full colour at three times the price.

The train into NYC was almost empty – a handful of people in my car. I brainstormed a bunch more article ideas. It was so nice to have the quiet and not have to listen to people screaming stupid conversations into their cell phones.

I’m finding that some pieces are easier to compose on the computer, and some are easier to compose in longhand. Non-fiction tends to be easier to compose on computer. Maybe because as I build the article and check facts, I end up rearranging a lot. Fiction tends to be easier for me to compose in longhand. Perhaps it’s merely force of habit.

As the train hummed through an overpass near Woodlawn, I saw a small contingent of National Guardsmen with automatic weapons posted underneath the bridge, watching the tracks. Not sure if that makes me feel more secure, or less.

There was an accident at 48th St. and 5th Avenue. Ambulances were arriving as I got there, and the police were trying to remove a cab driver from his cab. I don’t know if he blacked out at the wheel or what.

They were taking down the Today show set as I walked through Rockefeller Center. Pretty much business as usual for them.

Rockefeller Center has switched out the flags so they are all American flags flying for the convention. I prefer it when there are flags from many countries flying. I feel it’s more in the spirit of unity. The UN on the East Side, Rock Center on the West, with the flags flapping in the breeze.

The Escape lanes for ambulances and convention vehicles would snarl traffic on a normal day, but because everyone who could left town, there are no traffic jams.

The general feeling is not to be prepared “if” something will happen, but “when.” The majority of people, myself included, believe there will be some sort of attack this week. I hope we’re proven wrong.

Caught up on the news at the show. The comings and goings, the fact everyone’s relieved I’m back. Last week’s swing wasn’t very good.

I’m determined to hold on to the feeling of well-being as long as I can. A colleague started bitching and moaning again where I sat down for dinner. I got up and left. I’m tired of bitter, angry people too afraid to change their own lives. It affects me negatively physically and mentally. I’ve had a conversation with this person that I’m tired of hearing the same broken record. So now, I just walk away. No explanation, no apology. I simply remove myself from the negative situation.

Being back at the show feels both strange and comfortable.

Some of the theatres are besieged my protestors. I asked one protestor in front of one theatre why he was protesting. “There might be Republicans in there!” he responded.

“But why are you protesting? What is your message?”

He couldn’t answer.

That does no good. If you’re gonna show up at a protest, at least know what it’s about. Have a reason to be there that comes from the heart, not just to make noise.

I’m training a swing both shows today. Hopefully, I can slip off during the dinner break and get some work done.

I’m hoping this morning to get some work done on Cutthroat Charlotte, Angel Hunt, and the Olympic article. I also have to work on the short stories that I have to send out next Monday. I want to sent three short stories to the gambling site. “Pauvre Bob” and two others. One of them, a futuristic gambling piece, will use characters from a screenplay I wrote a few years ago, and then decided it wasn’t a good enough screenplay to market. But I like the characters, and putting them in this situation will be good.

Hey, I believe in recycling!

Have to get the bookmarks out to FenCon, and prepare manuscripts of two different children’s books to send to two different publishers.

How will I get it all done in an hour?

Never know until I try.

Coming soon: Cutthroat Charlotte, an action/adventure pirate saga on the high seas!


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