Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Fall Equinox
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and beautiful

What a lovely fall day!

Too bad I wasted most of it on the damn website. Of course, Yahoo can’t be bothered to respond to e-mails OR pick up the phone on their supposed 24/7 helpline.

I spent most of the day researching other web hosts. Not one of them has templates that look as good as Yahoo’s. None of them has enough space or enough design flexibility. If they’d just tell me how to stop the compression of the text, the dead links every time I try to do an edit, and how to edit pages, we’d be fine.

I managed to get some work done on The Widow’s Chamber, but not enough. And I’m not happy with the work I did. Nora’s having too much idle time on the riverboat and not getting enough done. And Aeneas is turning up everywhere and tipping his hand earlier than I’d like him to. I want to get them to New Orleans already, but I have to set up events carefully on the riverboat that will end in the big climax – for this part. And then, the actual Widow’s Chamber portion will be done, and I’ll move the characters on to their next 400 page adventure.

Part of all of this is, the past few weeks with all these computer headaches, my sleep patterns are seriously disrupted. I’m always exhausted and always have a headache.

But I’m still enamored of the new printer!!! That’s one bright spot.

I’m behind on the serials, I’m behind on the articles. The only way I can do anything is to break it down.

I need to just forget about the website for awhile and let it sit and look pretty while I catch up on everything else.

Colin (Freedom from the Mundane) is trying to help me. Hopefully, I can figure out what he’s teaching me.

I looked into purchasing web site design software called Web Easy, but it seems it can only upload to one of the sites the company hosts, which does me no good.

And everyone’s telling me to steer clear of Microsoft Front Page. That seems to be what most sites support, but the last thing I need is yet another Microsoft headache.

Um, what did I say about leaving the site alone now?

It’s the Equinox, I’m supposed to concentrate on BALANCE!!!

I think I need this vacation more than I’d like to admit.

Okay, I need to focus again on The Widow’s Chamber. I should have written down the two articles that started writing themselves in my head yesterday – they’re due next week and I’ve lost them.

I did an e-mail interview for a woman who’s lecturing in Vermont about the Web’s impact on writers. Hopefully, I gave detailed enough answers.

At least I got to read another Margaret Frazer novel yesterday and today – The Prioress’s Tale. I’m only missing four books from the series now. I was so involved in it on the train home yesterday that I nearly missed my stop!

I’m hoping for sunshine for the vacation, but even if it rains, I’ll just sit by the window overlooking the beach and read my books! I plan to visit at least three bookstores on the trip, so who knows what else I’ll find! I hope to find some more inspiration for Cutthroat Charlotte, since my trip to Montauk in March this year was the initial inspiration!

It’ll all be fine, eventually and somehow.



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