Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Wednesday, September 29, 2004
Last day of the Full Moon
Chiron Direct (on the 26th)
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Rainy and cool

Three deaths, three hurricanes, and a car breakdown in six weeks. I’m a little tired.

I miss Felicia terribly, and so do the other cats. They’re looking for her. In her quiet, firm way, she ran the household. She got very sick on Saturday afternoon and deteriorated rapidly. I rushed her to the vet – I am so lucky to have such a kind, caring vet and staff. There was nothing they could do. Her heart was failing, and she was filling with fluid. At least she was with people she knew and knew loved her at the end. The vet has been wonderful with her since I first brought her there a year ago and she was diagnosed with CRF, and the technician with us has also been with her every time she had to go in for a procedure. So she could go in peace. I had a year more with her than anyone thought we’d have, and many, many years of happy memories. Although there’s heaviness and a hole ripped in us by her loss, there are also many hours and years of happiness in which to take joy. My life was better because she was a part of it for 18 years.

Montauk, for the most part, was beautiful. The car broke down as soon as we arrived. Fortunately, there was a service station about a half a block away, and the owners of the motel knew the guy who runs it. He came over, took the car, and had it fixed within two hours. Gotta love small towns and their interconnectedness. Everyone was so kind.

Guess I’ll have to find extra work over the next few weeks to pay the vet bill and the car repair bill.

We spent some time in Sag Harbor – they have four bookstores in that one small town, which is my idea of heaven. There are also some lovely restaurants and an atmosphere of calm.

The Whaling Museum is small, but packed with information. There was also pirate information, which gives me more to work with for Cutthroat Charlotte, and ideas for the saga of a whaling family. I need to go up to New Bedford and take another look at their whaling museum. I think I was seven the last time I went, and that was quite a few years ago.

One thing I found interesting was one of the figureheads – a male figurehead. For some reason, I was under the impressions ship’s figureheads were all female. I want to do more research on this topic. I’ve always been fascinated with ship’s figureheads, from the many vacations spent on Cape Cod to the Nancy Drew mystery about a ship’s figurehead (the name escapes me, and my Nancy Drew books are too difficult to dig out right now). The research serves both Cutthroat Charlotte and whatever whaling saga I end up writing.

Spent lots of time walking on the beach. There are no shells on that beach, which is odd to me. When I spent time there last year, I picked up lots of stones in the surf, but this time – none. Plenty of jellyfish, though. I wonder if that was because of the forthcoming storm or what. I should ask someone who knows something about marine biology.

Spent even more time sitting on my balcony overlooking the beach and reading. I did absolutely no writing, except for some notes for business/practical stuff. I read Nora Roberts’ entire Three Sisters Island trilogy. I’ve never read Nora Roberts before. I liked her characters and descriptions, but I kept getting ahead of the plot. They’re good fast reads for brain candy. She writes fairly well (sometimes, some of her phrasing makes me wince, but no one’s perfect all the time) and spins a good yarn. I can see why she’s so popular.

I enjoyed them, but Margaret Frazer’s medieval novels capture my attention more thoroughly. I need four more to complete my collection of her writing, and I’m having trouble finding them. I should probably just order them online.

The trip proved to me that it’s one area of the world where I do not want to live. I enjoy myself there, but I don’t feel the connection to the land or the yearning to be there that I do with places like Plymouth, New Orleans, Northumbria, or Scotland.

Plus, the travel back is always a nightmare. It doesn’t matter what day of the week or time of day, traveling west from Montauk is always torture.

It was worse than usual this time due to Hurricane Jeanne. Okay, she’s officially Tropical Depression Jeanne, but I don’t think anyone told her that. We left earlier than expected because we knew she was coming and wanted to make as much progress as we could. We drove through some horrible weather, but got back home before many of the roads between home and there were closed due to flooding. Had we stayed an extra day, we’d be stuck out there for who knows how long. Had we even waited another hour or two to get started, we’d have gotten stuck along the way.

But we got home, to confused cats still searching for Felicia, and tried to get resettled. In spite of doing very little over the few days away, I’m completely wiped out.

However, there’s no time for that right now. I have articles due on the 30th, and I’m behind on the serials. So it’s time to pull myself together and move forward.

RENT called to book me in October and ask about my availability over the next few weeks, which is good. Hopefully, I can book enough work between WICKED and RENT to pay all the regular expenses and the other expenses while waiting for writing money to come in and trying to generate more.

Ah, the life of a freelancer.

But it beats being behind a desk 9-5 every time. I’d rather live with this stress than that one.



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