Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Wednesday, September 8, 2004
Waning Moon
Chiron Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Rainy and warm

So much for a day of writing without dealing with the Real World. At 9 AM, I had to move my car to higher ground. It’s pouring with rain, the streets are filled with water to the curb, and the brook a few blocks down the street is up to the top of its banks. According to my tide clock, it’s low tide.

The brook hasn’t flooded for quite a few years, since they built a new dam in one of the neighboring towns. However, I remember in the 70’s when I had to slog through the courtyard in water up to my waist, the basement apartments were wiped out, and cars bobbed down the street.

Nothing might happen, but I can’t risk it. I suggested that my neighbors move their cars, too.

I’ll check the brook again periodically throughout the day, and hope I don’t get a ticket where I parked. I left a note on the dashboard stating why I parked where I did. I can see the car from my third floor apartment window, so hopefully, it’ll all be okay.

Even if the electricity goes out, I have plenty of candles and supplies. Usually, the gas stays on even if the electricity goes out, so everyone can come here and I’ll cook up a big tub of pasta.

Glad I’m not scheduled for the show today.

A reader e-mailed me to ask why I was working on Amber Tiger when I have so much else going on. Why has the Muse smacked me upside the head with this right now? To really dissect it, I believe it’s my response to the massacre in the school in Russia that happened earlier this week. I can’t do anything about those people who held all those people, mostly children, hostage in a school and killed so many of them. But I can write something, that, on the surface, is very different, but has its roots in the need to protect children and both physical and karmic payback to those who consider children disposable.

Okay, back to work while there’s still electricity.

1 PM:
I couldn’t get the blog to publish, so I’m continuing.

Revised episodes 4 & 5 of Charlotte and wrote the first draft of episode 6. Did some work on Amber Tiger.

Convinced my neighbor to move her car. We checked the brook. It’s over its banks into people’s yards, and there are a few inches of water in the laundry room. Our regular parking lot is partially underwater, as is the street we had to drive on in order to get the car out. And tomorrow is supposed to be worse.

Better a parking ticket than to lose the car. Now to change my clothes for the fourth time today. And not out of vanity -- out of being soaked by the storm.

Coming soon: Cutthroat Charlotte, an action/adventure pirate saga on the high seas!


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