Monday, October 18, 2004

Monday, October 18, 2004
Waxing Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and pleasant

I fought a stomach bug yesterday. I didn’t say anything at the show – after all, I’m the swing and it’s my job to be healthy so I can cover when people are out. But it took more energy than it should to concentrate, and I felt disconnected from the show and my fellow workers, which is not a sensation I enjoy.

Caught up on some business work when I got home, but wasn’t able to focus on anything creative.

This is Cutthroat Charlotte week, but I still have to keep working on Widow’s Chamber in tandem.

This morning, I went with my mom to White Plains so she could renew her driver’s license. She will be eighty this year, and she was worried that they wouldn’t renew it. But she passed the eye test and she has a clean driving record – a couple of speeding tickets years ago which she paid and after which she went to a special education program put on by the local PD. But that’s it. So the license is renewed for 8 years.

The DMV is now high tech and runs fairly smoothly. We were in and out in about 40 minutes. Most of the people there are pleasant and efficient. I spotted three however, who were much more interested in personal conversations. In the space of time their peers processed 5-7 people, this trio processed 2. They chatted instead of hitting the button to bring up the next person. And the supervisors just walked back and forth behind them and did nothing. Not good. It’s disrespectful to the people who are sitting there and busting their asses.

The building also houses an Asian market. I picked up a few food items, and also a bagua mirror, which I’ve always wanted. Unfortunately, when I checked the feng shui books and sources online about placement, unilaterally opinion was that such mirror must NEVER be hung inside the house.

So it’s over the front door, deflecting negative energy away.

Took a scouting trip to the Westchester County airport with my friend, who’s flying out for a job interview in Virginia on Friday.

When I got back, my mom was very upset. She called a long-time friend of hers for a chat. The woman’s daughter picked up the phone. Her friend had died ten minutes previously. They’ve been friends for 60 years. And my mom is very sensitive to phenomenon like that. Plus, it makes her face her own mortality. I’m sad for her and will do all I can to cheer her up over the next few days. I’ve sent the cats on a mission to make her feel better.

So, big business got another tax cut, from The Government, eh? The administration, as usual, rewards the rich while possibly privatizing and plundering the social security of the elderly. This is not acceptable.

The businesses claim this will create more jobs. It hasn’t in the past four years. All that happens is that the executives give themselves a raise, prices go up, and more people are fired.

Tax cuts need to be directly tied in to a business’s growth. If a business creates x amount of jobs, it gets x% tax cut. If the business lays people off, it forfeits the tax cut. If it continues to lay people off, the business gets a tax INCREASE. The current system, which is giving the business the cut upfront, doesn’t’ work. They talk a good line about creating jobs, but they don’t DO it.

Worked on a proposal package for a job I want that’s up in Massachusetts. I’d like to work for them on part-time freelance basis. We’ll see if my proposal is impressive enough for them to hire me.

At least I sent it out.

I’m creating a new recipe tonight for pork medallions in a mushroom gravy, with red cabbage and mashed potatoes. Simple, but I want to experiment with the spices a bit to get a little more zip than just your basic mushroom gravy.

In the meantime, though, it’s back to the high seas with Charlotte.

Hey, Charlotte’s in the Atlantic Ocean and Nora is heading down the Mississippi. Can you tell I’m a Pisces with all this water stuff happening?

Oops. Had to delete a few lines there. Iris jumped into my lap and decided that she can write, too! Tap, tap, tap go the little paws on the keys. She’s very busy.

Everyone thinks they can write, don’t they?



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