Monday, October 25, 2004

Monday, October 25, 2004
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Cloudy & cold

Emerging Women Writers accepted “Dream Layers” for their November issue and urged me to submit more. I’m excited. The Congress Corners, NY stories will go under the Ava Dunne pseudonym that I’m using for Periwinkle and Change on the Fly. It will be good to have a place to play around with the Congress Corners characters and build up that pseudonym a bit.

Worked on ten issues of Tapestry and sent off nine of them. Issue #59 is the end of what was the material in the original novel. That material changed quite a bit during the course of the series, but that arc is done now, and I can move Nina on to the fun stuff that I played with in some short stories, such as meeting up with the father and child on the run around Thanksgiving (perfect timing) and also the Edinburgh Festival Fringe story. Then, I’ll go into the arc where she finds out what happened to Jake, before going back into the next mystery, which takes place in a theatre.

I want to rewrite Issue 59, because right now it doesn’t carry enough punch to end the arc. If the Thanksgiving arc doesn’t take too long, maybe I’ll adapt “Ho, Ho, Heist” the short story, for that. Or maybe I’ll let that stand alone and submit it elsewhere.

Yoga was good this morning, but I ache a lot and I’m not looking forward to PT.

I am looking forward to making beef stew for dinner, thought.

Did some preliminary research for flights, etc. to Savannah in the spring. It’s much cheaper to go out of JFK and it’s also a direct flight, which saves me in time and aggravation. This is a good possibility. Maybe I can teach a workshop in Savannah that Friday night (I’d fly in that morning), do the Vidalia workshop on Saturday and have a nice brunch in Savannah on Sunday before heading home. There are still details to work out, but it’s a possibility. I haven’t been to Savannah since 1979, so I’d kind of like to see how it’s changed.

Lunch and then back to work on The Widow’s Chamber and Cutthroat Charlotte. I want to carve my pumpkin tonight, too, and do some work on both The Other Project and “Giving and Thanks.”



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