Thursday, October 21, 2004

Oct. 21 Part II

Wrote three episodes of Charlotte, revised four and sent them all off. Not a bad day’s work. Rory Calhoun is a more complex character than I expected, which makes him good foil for Charlotte. I was afraid that Ned Cannon or Phineas Drake would become too interesting and take the focus away from what will develop between Rory and Charlotte.

Wrote three episodes of The Widow’s Chamber. Revised three (including one I wrote a few days ago) and sent them off. I’ve run out of steam and need to rework Issue 105 a bit before sending it off. I want more detail in the fire on the other boat and the rescue efforts. But both Nora and Charlotte are moving strongly in the directions they should be. I’m giving them their heads and both ladies are smart enough to use them.

I’ll have to do some, um, unusual research for upcoming issues of Charlotte, but I’ll explain it when I get into it. Charlotte is much more explicit and rough than the other serials, because it’s fitting for both the time period and the profession.

I’ll stop for something to eat, then do some research for the horse racing article. I have to go into the city to pick up my check tonight, and then prepare for errands early and another strong writing day.

I’m glad I was able to write as much as I did today.

I’m physically aching and mentally exhausted, but it’s the right kind of exhaustion.



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