Wednesday, October 13, 2004

October 13, 2004 Part III

I am such a freak and I don’t care. I’m just thrilled with the new site. And it’s already getting a lot of positive feedback.

As far as today’s writing, not too much progress. I rewrote “The Literary Athlete” a final time and sent it off. I brainstormed with my editor about “Trailblazing”. I wrote the blurb for the one day seminar in March for GCE.

GCE is canceling the class this semester, which is fine. My gut reaction is that it’ll work out better this way. All four classes in Valhalla are a go for spring, and I have to get out the pitches for the weekend workshops.

Working on the hockey article for FemmeFan. I’d like to get it in tomorrow night or Friday morning. I want to do a series of articles – the first my (strong) opinion about the lockout and offering options, and then articles down the line with more information about said options.

I also need to start paying attention to Breeders’ Cup. It’s in two weeks, and I have to write articles for that.

The ad went off to Funds For Writers, and it will be featured in the Oct. 24 newsletter.

I did a manuscript critique.

I need to figure out what to do for dinner, and then maybe I’ll try to do some work on Angel Hunt. Or maybe I’ll watch the presidential debate and worry about moving to Canada.

Right now, though, I’m floating on air about the website.

Thank you, Colin!!!



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