Saturday, October 02, 2004

October 2 Part II:

I’m so tired I’m shaking. I should soak in a nice, hot bath tonight.

Ten issues of Tapestry written, edited and sent out. Another ten issues roughed out. And notes for the next four story arcs. I was completely driven by that piece today. It got to the point where I couldn’t stop. There was a lot to say, and I was afraid I’d lose it if I didn’t get it down.

Good thing I did two issues of The Widow’s Chamber and worked on three of the four articles before I started in on Tapestry.

Received an apology from GCE. They assured me that they have not cancelled the class – yet – and wouldn’t do so without discussing things with me. It seems the woman who called told them she couldn’t afford to pay for the class, but she was sure I’d be so “impressed” with her that I’d work with her for free.

Yeah, right.

My rate just went up.

Got to rest. I need to push hard again tomorrow, although I don’t think another day like today would leave me with a single working brain cell. Even my hair is tired.



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