Saturday, October 23, 2004

Saturday, October 23, 2004
Waxing Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and cold

So, there are a lot of lousy human beings in the world. But I’m fortunate that the majority of those that are actually in my life are pretty wonderful. And that’s what I need to focus on – those who are worth it.

Did an extra long yoga session this morning. Everything hurts, but I’m sure it would be much worse if I hadn’t done it. I’ll have P/T early this evening, when I get back from the matinee.

Caught up on e-mail and I have a little bit of time to concentrate on Widow’s Chamber before I have to catch the train for the city.

The cats are thundering through the apartment like a herd of water buffalo, playing Chase.

KIC has a submissions link – I’ll post it when I get home tonight.

I have to make it an early night tonight because I need to be on an 8 AM train for day work tomorrow.

My complimentary copy of the FenCon program arrived. They did a lovely job and it looks like it was a good conference. However, I wondered why my ad got zero response, and I now know. They redesigned the ad to make it more in line, I guess, with the conference. However good it is, it has very little to do with the piece. The ad I submitted was very simple, quirky and made me want to know more. The ad that was on the page was dark, almost gothic, and wouldn’t make me click on to see the free issue. They meant well, but they should have discussed it with me first. Also, the point of the ad graphic was to match the bookmark graphic, so one could reinforce the other. By changing the ad graphic, the bookmark had nothing to do with anything. No wonder people were confused.

The ad for the manuscript critique and coaching service is in the new Funds for Writers newsletter. I hope that gets a positive response.

I forgot to mention that I watched the PBS show Broadway: The Musical last week. It was well done. The history was great. And then to see shows that had been such an influence on me and helped me choose theatre as a career, such as A CHORUS LINE. And to see shows I worked and still work on, such as MISS SAIGON, RENT, and WICKED. It reminded me that the career to which I’ve dedicated myself, and which I still love, is pretty cool, and not too many people get to do it. Although I’m leaving technical theatre to concentrate on writing, I don’t regret doing it.

I’m glad that I took this tangent instead of having a best seller at twenty and then growing bitter. My writing at twenty had no life experience in it. Or, rather, typical twenty-year-old life experience and I wasn’t able to write about that experience with anything other than raw emotion at the time. And, frankly, most of that type of writing is boring unless you’re in the throes of the emotion yourself.

How many Bright Young Things burned out by twenty-five?

I’m glad that I’m growing into my talent when I have the maturity and common sense to know when to cut something that doesn’t work, when to say “no” to a deal that would benefit someone else while I do all the work, and when I have a wide range of experience and have dealt with a wide range of people so that everything is not depicted in a single way.

There are some writers who have the technical and emotional maturity at twenty. More power to them. I didn’t, but I’m happy to gain it now, and I plan to enjoy it!

And I can still see a documentary on the theatre and feel delight at being a part of such a unique and lovely world, full of creative, wonderfully crazy and accepting people.



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