Saturday, October 30, 2004

Saturday, October 30, 2004
Waning Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Mild and rainy

Up early to help my friend load her car at 7:30, and then we drove over to the vet to get her cats. The usually sweet one tried to tear everyone apart, and I went in to the room to hold her so she could be given her tranquilizer. She knows me, so it’s easier for me to hold her than for a strange tech person. The other cat, who’s usually nasty, simply isn’t speaking to anyone right now. She has her back to the world.

So, my friend got on the road for her move to Virginia by 8:30. I caught up on the rest of the errands that had been jettisoned yesterday (grocery shopping, et al). The air conditioner finally drained and I could finish cleaning it out and pack it. I got rid of a desk chair I’ve hated since Day One, yet I still felt guilty leaving it down in the basement by the trash bins. Maybe someone will give it a good home. There are stacks of papers that need to be sorted, but where’s the time?

My Breeders’ Cup article for today is up at FemmeFan:

In about ten minutes, I’ll start watching the races and take notes for the follow-up, which has to go to my editor tonight in order to go up on Tuesday.

Once that article is done tonight, I HAVE to spend some time on The Widow’s Chamber and Cutthroat Charlotte.

I’m exhausted, both physically and emotionally. And, although I only have three days at the show next week, I’m so tired I wish I didn’t have any.

I need to start tackling the business mailing this week, too.

I priced out postcards for the holidays. It’s cheaper if I buy a couple of boxes from Paper Direct ( Their quality is good, and so are their prices. The note cards are more than I want to pay – I can do better at some of the little stores around here – but the postcards are a better deal to buy at 200 per box than to run them off on the computer. I can get a template, so I can add a greeting or something, but I’ll handwrite the addresses and a few personal words. I’ll also get some holiday labels from Staples and put return address labels on them with either my address or the website address.

So, holiday cards are decided.

The overseas ones have to go out right after Thanksgiving, and I like to get the rest out during the first two weeks of December, so that’s why I’ve been planning.

I priced glass paint and stencils – I can do the Christmas painting project. The gifts will be of a good quality, and within my price range, and something totally personalized and handmade. Next week or so, I’ll head off to the local thrift shops and collect glassware. I haven’t found the stencil for dice that I wanted, but there’s a checkerboard stencil that I think I can convert into a dice stencil.

Providing I can keep Elsa out of the paint, it’ll work.

I made salt dough ornaments one year for the holidays (something like 200 of them, I had a big list that year). I spent more time washing paint off the cat than I spent painting the ornaments. She especially loved a Victorian rose colour (all over her stomach and paws and face), and there was the time she had a silver nose and blue whiskers.

Hopefully she’s outgrown her version of finger-painting by now.

Off to watch the BC races and write my article.



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