Saturday, October 09, 2004

Saturday, October 9, 2004
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Cloudy and cool

So much for a weekend of writing and puttering. Got a call as soon as I walked in the door last night asking if I could cover both shows today – the regular dresser is ill. I said sure. I’m always happy to back her up, I’m the only one who can lift the costumes on that track other than the regular dresser, and I can use the money.

Day work was fine yesterday, although I think three days per week is my limit. My mind was wandering yesterday. All the work got done, but not in any particular order.

I stopped at Mysterious Bookshop to find the missing Margaret Frazier books. No luck. They only had the ones I already have. Checked the Borders up on Park and 57th. Same deal, but I found some books my mother wanted and last year’s Terry Pratchett is now in paperback. And I now own it.

Assured the theatre when I got home that I’d come in today, cooked dinner, and wrote four pages on The Other Project. Fell asleep early instead of watching the Presidential debate. Well, saves everyone from having to listen to my opinion, right?

The chores that need to be done need to be done whether I have two shows or not. So I got up extra early this morning. Checked e-mail – all four courses are a go in spring in Valhalla – woo-hoo! I’m getting in tarot questions for the tarot column – will get to work on that in the upcoming week.

In a few minutes, I’ll go grocery shopping -- love that 24 hour Pathmark. It actually is open 24 hours, unlike the local A&P, which is open 24 hours, except when it’s not. Then I have to take my air conditioner out of the window and let it drain before I pack it up for the winter. I want to get a couple of issues of Angel Hunt done before I have to leave on the 10:46 AM train. And I’ll get home about 1 AM. I have a feeling I’ll have to do the show tomorrow, too.

Hopefully, I can get some writing done on the dinner break.

Ah, nothing like the constant balancing act in the life of a freelancer!

I love it.



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