Sunday, October 10, 2004

Sunday, October 10, 2004
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Partly sunny and cool

I’m tired and achy, and, as usually happens after a full day at the theatre, I’m having trouble focusing. It’s tough to switch between the theatre life and the writing life, and there are always hours where I feel like I don’t belong in either world and I’m simply drifting.

The grocery shopping got done yesterday and the air conditioner taken out and set to drain, storm windows put down, etc. I worked on the Cutthroat Charlotte press release, and, on my dinner break, wrote the four pages of The Other Project. It’s unfolding in a truly odd and interesting way. It’ll need massive rewrites down the line, but for now, I’m letting it direct me instead of the other way around. And it keeps surprising me. Four pages a day is not much, but, for this piece, just enough. I can get in a few good bits of what I want to say, open up possibilities, but not get so entangled that I can’t focus on the rest of the day.

Both shows went well, although I’m sore today from the physical aspects. I enjoy the actors I dress on the track so much. They’re talented performers and terrific people.

Trying to stay focused on Angel Hunt and having a hard time, although I know where I need to go with the next few episodes. But I’m overtired, so it’s difficult to concentrate. Also, I got a late start today. I wasn’t sure if I’d be called in to the show, so I couldn’t really start anything as I waited by the phone. Once the time I’d have to leave came and went with no word, I figured they didn’t need me. I wish they’d had the courtesy to let me know. I called in, four times, this morning to check, and only got the answering machine and no return call. There’s a point where it just has to stop being my problem.

Read the papers, played with the cats, worked on the press releases for my columns. The press release for the writing column is okay, although I’ll do another pass at it before I submit it. The press release for the tarot column sucks. Big time. The words lie flat on the paper like dead fish. There’s no sparkle, no verve. So I’ll have to completely rework it.

One of the most important things to learn is how to tell when you think something you write is bad because you’re feeling insecure, and when it really is bad. This release is bad, and if I don’t accept that and fix it, it’ll hurt what it’s supposed to promote.

And progress on that column is going well. I’ve already received far more questions than I can use, and the variety of questions gives me the option to have each quarter’s column have an actual focus.

Did some research for a hockey article I have to write this week. Submitted the blog to some blog directories.

Looked at some real estate listings online. There’s a truly goofy looking house in Katonah that intrigues me. I’d never thought of Katonah as a possibility, but the picture of the house caught my eye – bits and pieces of different types of architecture, a totally illogical layout – and there’s something about it . . . .I printed out the info and have to think about whether or not I want to go up and see it. There’s another house in Poughkeepsie that also looks promising. I get more for my money and the taxes are lower in Poughkeepsie.

I’ll know I’ve found my house when I walk in and it tells me it’s mine.

Wrote two episodes of Angel Hunt so far today, and have a whole lot more to write.

I splattered tuna juice all over myself when I prepared lunch. The cats love it, but I guess I’ll be doing laundry sooner than I expected.

I’m wondering if a short nap will help, or if I should just put on a Thelonius Monk CD and keep going.

Read Terry Pratchett’s Monstrous Regiment last night and today. Loved it. His work is amazing. There’s so much verbal dexterity and a true delight in language. And some of the best social and political satire I’ve ever read.



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