Sunday, October 24, 2004

Sunday, October 24, 2004
Waxing Moon
Neptune Direct
Uranus Retrograde
Chilly and cloudy

Okay, we’ve established that to be in constant pain really, REALLY sucks. Hopefully, today is my worst day and things will start getting better.

I think my trainer is right – I will hate him by the end of the week. But I’ll benefit from what he and I are doing, so truly, I’m just griping. He pointed out something valuable – when I work shows, I skip weight training because I do so much lifting during the show. But it’s important to stick to the fitness regimen and let it support the work instead of the work being a poor substitute for the fitness regimen. I’ve slipped back into bad habits again, such as poor posture and tilting my pelvis forward when I carry or stand instead of staying straight, and that’s put my body in vulnerable positions. He also warned me not to pull up or try to compensate for the injured area, but to move as naturally as I can; doing otherwise teaches the body to shift out of alignment, and causes a domino effect of problems. He also wants to build the abdominal muscles – he says that will support the back and leave me less vulnerable to future injury. He’s seen shows I worked on (I met him while researching the first hockey novel) and has been backstage. He knows what I do back there, and he reminded me that I have to train like an athlete and maintain that type of regimen if I want my body to hold up – whether I’m transitioning out of the business or not. Heavy baskets full of costumes and raked stages take a physical toll.

There was still a point where I said, “I expect you to drink at least a fifth of whiskey at my funereal since you’re the one who’s killing me!!!!” The man also took out about half of the items in my purse, saying it was too heavy and no, not to switch it to a tote bag – this is how much I was allowed to carry this week. The man messed with my handbag. I might have to kill him. (Kidding, sort of).

Men don’t understand that a typical woman can live out of her purse for at least a week. I’m not talking about socialites who only carry lipstick, a cell phone, and cocaine in their purses. I’m talking about a real woman with a REAL purse. If it’s a mother, bump that up to living out of it for a month.

Day work today was fine, if somewhat painful. I fixed a sleeve on a mob coat by weaving back the torn part and replacing the ribbon-and-lace that was ripped off skillfully enough so you can’t tell where it was ripped. Of course, I couldn’t lift the coat to put it back on the rack, but the repair got done.

They’re very understanding at the show. I’ll only do day work this week, and no shows.

RENT was a ton of fun yesterday. We figured I hadn’t worked the show since Christmas Eve last year – that’s almost ten months. But most of it came back, and the company is so, so lovely. An actor I dressed in another role is now one of the leads and he is wonderful. It was a pleasure.

Got some work done on both The Other Project and “Giving and Thanks.” “Giving and Thanks” is spinning strongly in my head right now with some interesting twists, so I’m going to focus on that tonight. I have a feeling it might end up as a novella rather than a short story.

Good yoga session this morning, but man, does PT hurt!

Because Halloween (Samhein) comes up next weekend, articles about Salem, MA are starting to appear. I didn’t realize there was a pirate museum there. I think this calls for a Salem field trip to research Cutthroat Charlotte.

I might teach a workshop in Georgia in spring. I’d fly in and out of Savannah and make a weekend of it. Must do some research. If it involves travel, I wanna!



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