Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Tuesday, October 12, 2004
Dark of the Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Revised and sent off an issue of Cutthroat Charlotte this morning. The episode turned out better than I thought, which is a good thing. Now I need to structure the vote. I’ve approached it from several different angles, but haven’t found the right one yet. They all feel false. I’ll think about it during day work today. Maybe some fresh inspiration will come through. I’m behind where I need to be, and need to get on the stick. Although this is The Widow’s Chamber week and I’m still not caught up on Angel Hunt.

People are pleased with their tarot readings. I’m glad they were helpful. I sit there and read what I see. When it’s flowing well, there’s a real physical sensation. But you never know how the person asking the question will respond. Sometimes the answer makes perfect sense. Sometimes the person asks a question and the tarot answers a different one that’s more important. Sometimes it’s something the person doesn’t want to hear. All I can do is read what’s there. Whatever my opinion is about a question, or my own thoughts, the cards say what they say, and it’s often quite different than the answer I expect. I still have a few more questions to tackle over the next few days, but the bulk of the readings are done. There’s enough variety in the questions so I can choose a topic for the first column and illustrate it with the questions. I have to ask Kelli if she wants photos of the spreads, so people can see what the cards look like in the reading.

I did the right thing by swapping free readings for the genesis of the column. Plenty of other readers would think I’m out of my mind for not charging. At the regular going rate of $45 for a half hour, $70 for an hour reading that the stores charge, that’s a good bit of cash. Of course, the store keeps a big chunk of the reading for booking it and providing the room. But doing it this way benefited both the people who asked the questions and me.

On top of it, this group of people respects what I do and won’t try to take advantage of it. How often have people wanted free readings on a daily or weekly basis, not accepting the fact that it’s not good to go to a reader more than once every six months? Readings take from between two weeks to six months to manifest. It’s not like going to the gym or going to therapy. There was one client at one of the stores in which I read in the city who wanted constant readings about the same questions. She’d book a half hour session, but expect me to spend an hour and a half with her. She refused to take any action to make anything come to pass, saying the Universe was “supposed” to take care of it all, and she lied about her questions. I finally told the store I wouldn’t read her any more.

Anyway, I’m glad I did the readings. It was positive for everyone involved, and that’s the whole point. The Universe has something to say, you find someone who can translate it into terms you understand, and then you go off and make your choices from the options laid out for you.

Nothing spooky or evil about it.

I’m tempted to do another rewrite of “The Literary Athlete” today, but I want it to just sit and I’ll do it tomorrow and send it off for Kelli’s opinion. This column can stay within the word count. The tarot column will run a bit long – I’ll warn Kelli and give her the sample column, and then we can discuss if there’s room for it as is, or if it needs to be restructured.

The cats are very busy this morning. Violet, who’s usually the best behaved of the bunch, is racing around like a flying squirrel, tossing placemats in the air, shredding paper towels and knocking books over. Well, even the Good Girl needs to let off steam sometimes.

Will try to get a bit more done on the serials before I have to leave for the train.

I want to find and buy a house soon. I miss my books and my dishes and the other stuff that’s sitting in storage.



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