Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Tuesday, October 19, 2004
Waxing Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde

Had to toss the hockey article and start from scratch. Obviously, I missed the one deadline and I have to get it ready for next week’s. And I spent so much time worrying about the hockey article I didn’t do a pre-Breeder’s Cup article. Fortunately, it wasn’t contracted, but I’m annoyed at myself.

I submitted three short stories yesterday, so at least there’s a deadline I didn’t miss. I did some brainstorming about the KIC mag with the editor.

I set up a new follow-up system for my work. Although I keep a submissions log and I’m good about entering submissions, I don’t check it often enough to follow up when there’s no response well past the time frame set forth in the guidelines. I simply can’t have pieces hanging in limbo indefinitely, and I have to stay on top of them.

The new system is one of F/U files. There’s a file for each month. When I submit something, I print off a copy of the cover letter or query and place it in the file for the month in which I need to follow up.

If I mix everything together on the Deadlines Calendar, I’ll never keep track.

Was working on a short story idea that isn’t working, so I tossed it. Will try again. The original intent was too formless. It needs to have a focus and a point.

I grabbed a pad of paper to do some work and found fragments of other pieces in it from several years ago. I’ll put them in a file and if I’m ever stuck, go back and see if any of them are worth pursuing. The great thing about writing is that nothing is ever wasted.

I also want to spend more time with my mom in the next couple of weeks, both to help her through the grieving process for her friend and then to celebrate her 80th birthday.

Feng-shui’d a few things in the place that had gotten stuck. Hopefully, that will get some energy moving.

Trying to learn how to maintain the website and set up the new website. I find it difficult – it doesn’t come easily to me. But I’m determined to learn it. Fortunately, Colin is very patient.

One of the other domains is up for renewal. I couldn’t get anyone on the phone at Yahoo over the last six days to make sure it would be renewed on the correct credit card, so I e-mailed them. Of course, they couldn’t be bothered to respond. I’m so tired of people who don’t do their jobs.

Managed to write one episode of Cutthroat Charlotte this morning and start a second one. I have to catch a train soon, but at least I’ve accomplished something.

Today is the Buycott. Women are encouraged not to buy anything to protest the fact that, out of the Fortune 500 companies, only 8 have women CEOs.


It’s a tough situation. I don’t believe a woman should be hired because she’s a woman. The best person for each job should be hired for that job. And it’s tough – my contemporaries and I fought for years to break through glass ceilings, and now women hit high level jobs and then leave to have kids. Women absolutely should have a choice and if they want to and can afford to stay home to raise their kids, good for them. But the reality is that the work has to get done, and every time a woman quits a high level position because of her biological clock, she makes it more difficult for any other executive woman to be taken seriously. Whether it’s right or wrong, that’s the way it is. There’s got to be a way to make it beneficial for women to take leaves of absences for years at a time or work part-time without the company feeling screwed because they invested time and money in someone who simply walked away when it was convenient. Perhaps some sort of mentorship within companies should be formed. High level women executives mentor promising individuals coming up so that there’s someone to fill in when they take their family leave. And then that person mentors the next person, and so on. It shouldn’t be gender based, but the best fit in each individual situation.

Of course, so few companies show any sort of loyalty nowadays, you can’t blame many people of either gender for walking away. Loyalty has to work both ways.

There’s no easy solution.

And since I have no intention of spending my life in corporate America, other than freelance jobs, it’s not my direct problem. But it does affect my life.

And I’m still going to honor the Buycott.

Time to eat something and catch a train. I won’t mind being inside all day on a day like this.

I have to get a pumpkin to carve this week and I hear a rumour there’s a pumpkin shortage.

We’ll see.



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