Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Tuesday, October 19 Part II

Day work was fine, in spite of having to slog up and across town through the rain. Manhattan has too many people in too small a space for me to bear it right now. I need room, space, AIR!!! Preferably air that isn’t polluted with bus fumes and SUVs. Plenty to do at work, with people out sick etc., but it all got done.

I did a few pages of The Other Project on the train. During my break I did the first draft of a new short story, “Dream Layers” that’s got an Oct. 25 deadline. I typed it when I got home tonight, which meant a first revision. I’ll let it sit now and take another look at it when I get back from day work tomorrow.

I like it. A lot.

The problem is that now these characters have opened their world to me and have a lot more to say. I started a second short story, right now called “Giving and Thanks” which is a Thanksgiving story with these characters. A lot of it hits close to the bone, inspired by my hometown, but then flies off on its own, as fiction should. This story will not be held by the word and page constraints that “Dream Layers” is. I won’t be able to pitch it to the same market, but that’s okay.

Charlotte is going well and perhaps I can get a little bit more done on it tonight. I’ll go to bed early – got to get up before six to be on a 7 AM train for a 9 AM call tomorrow.



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