Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Tuesday, October 26, 2004
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Cloudy and warm

Couldn’t do the weight training part of PT yesterday. My body just couldn’t do it. And, of course, the biggest problems have taken up residence in the shoulder I injured several years ago during the run of Miss Saigon. Well, let’s hope I progress through the week so it’s better. Today is mostly floor work, so hopefully I won’t get quite so frustrated.

My friend and neighbor got a job in Charlottesville, VA and starts next week, so I’m helping her get ready to go (as much as my back lets me). I’ll miss her a lot – she was always ready for adventure at the drop of a hat, and it was nice to someone to hang out with so close by. But this is a great job opportunity for her and she is so over NY. I’ll just have to go down and visit her.

Maybe I’ll DRIVE to and from Savannah, and stop in each direction.

Elsa has been terribly depressed since Felicia died. She stays under the sofa most of the time and doesn’t want to play or socialize. She has always been the ultimate optimist, so it’s hard to see her so unhappy. At least this morning, she came out during yoga. I was in the Bow pose and she came and started playing with my necklace. So much for the Bow pose, but at least she was more like herself.

Checked out writers’ guidelines on a bunch of lit mags. There were very few of them to whom I wanted to submit. The attitude of some of these publications is truly appalling. The smug superiority is especially ridiculous when there are numerous typographical and grammatical errors in the web pages, not to mention a singular lack of style.

Legends in their own minds.

Not people with whom I want to work.

I’m pleased about Emerging Women Writers taking “Dream Layers”, and I like their vibe. It also made it easier to get past a rude rejection from a publication in Oregon. I’d submitted an essay to them months ago. I’d received a reply about three months after submission, saying they were really busy and it would take awhile to get through the submissions. I sent them a follow-up with a change of e-mail address a few weeks ago. Nothing. So, several days ago, I sent a follow-up, stating they’d had the submission for months beyond the expressed time frame and were they still interested, or should I send it elsewhere? The response was that they were “too busy” to read all the submissions and yes, if I was going to be like that about it, I better try to submit elsewhere.

You know where they can shove that attitude! They don’t pay enough to make the hassle worthwhile. It’s a funny piece, and I’m happy to have the chance to submit it elsewhere.

“Giving and Thanks” is going full steam ahead. I’m on page 22 now, and it shows no sign of slowing down, so I guess it is a novella. I have no idea where this cycle of stories will lead. I’ll let them tell me. Lucifer Tempest was supposed to be a random homeless teen, but I’ve given him a connection to the O’Brien family that raises the stakes for all of them.

I was discussing the possible move to Massachusetts with a friend, and I couldn’t believe how negative she was. “You’ll never find work there”, “It’s unreasonably expensive”, blah, blah, blah. Guess what? If I want to live there, that’s where I’ll live. Considering how much I’ve always encouraged her quests, she could at least try to offer ideas for solutions instead of only presenting problems. I was really shocked. This is someone who pays hundreds of dollars for seminars to help her find her life’s path.

Guess she’s still looking.

Gotta make it an early night. I’m doing the early call at the show tomorrow and must be on a 7 AM train.

My poor pumpkin is already getting mushy and I doubt will make it to Halloween. And I want to make cupcakes for the holiday – not to mention I have to get my mother’s present together for her 80th birthday on Friday.



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