Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Wednesday, October 13, 2004
New Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and cool

The heat is on! Yippee! And when they turn on the heat in this place, they’re not kidding around!

The cats are delighted, though. They can curl up anywhere and be warm.

I’m getting a cold. Boo-hoo, whine, whine. I actually don’t feel THAT bad, just kind of achy and slow. And my ears keep clogging up. If I have to have a change-of-season cold, this is the week to do it, because I can stay home and take care of myself. It’s kind of nice not to get into that ‘Oh, my God, I don’t have time to be sick” frenzy and just go, “hey, I don’t feel good, where’s the soup? Oh, good, there’s the couch, guess I’ll take a nap. Hmm, maybe a bubble bath . . .”

Day work was fine. I worked out some plot lines for Angel Hunt, but I think they’re further along in the story than what I need for right now. At the show, they’ll teach me how to do the shoe call over the next few weeks – I mean, I know what a shoe is and how to polish one, but I’ll learn how to do the basic repairs and the specialty painting on the boots. It’s a good skill to add to the repertoire.

I’ll find out whether or not the class in Greenwich is a go today. I expect it will be cancelled. The woman who wanted private lessons left a message about editing, and I gave her suggestions where to find an editor for the manuscript. I do critique and coaching. Personally, I don’t think that writers should have someone else edit their manuscript before it’s purchased. The editor at the publishing company will edit – that’s the point. If you pay for an edit and then it has to be re-edited, I think it’s a waste of the writer’s money. That’s just one opinion.

Colin is teaching me how to get the website up. I am scared to death. My palms are sweating, my breathing’s odd and my stomach is in knots. It’s ridiculous. If something goes wrong, we just take it down and reload it. It’s not that big a deal. But it is to me because it’s such foreign territory.

But you’ve gotta face your fears and get through them, right? This is a good thing. And a big step for me.

And it makes sense that it’s happening on the day of the new moon and on the 13th of October.

Maybe I can get the other site up by Halloween, which would be appropriate.

Maybe I should concentrate on this one and getting my writing done first.

Only two pages of The Other Project yesterday. Just felt too icky to do more.



At 10:05 AM, Blogger Colin said...

Devon: In the words of Mr.Adams, "DON'T PANIC!" (but without the large friendly letters).

Your palms are sweating and your stomach churning ONLY because your have a cold coming on - not because of your site. Trust me. :-)


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