Friday, November 05, 2004

Friday, November 5, 2004
Waning Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and cold

NaNoWriMo Daily Cheer:

Five days – you’ve made it through five days!

Think of it as building a word house – these last five days, you’ve set he foundation.

I’m suffering from Post-Election Stress Syndrome in a big way. So is most of the city, and, in fact, the Northeast.

Yesterday, I didn’t get much creative writing done. I managed to get some business work done, including two pitches. And I got responses almost immediately on both of them. One already hired someone for the position, but asked me to check back in a few months just in case (that will go in my Follow-Up files, which, by the way, are working beautifully). The other asked for samples, so I have to work on that over the weekend and get it out Sunday night.

Check arrived from Llewellyn for the articles for the 2005 annuals. That’s always a good thing. Payment arrived from KIC for the serials, also a good thing.

Felt headachy and awful all day – left over from the past few days. Got called in to the show – the regular dresser’s back was still out. Lots of talk about the election and what can we do now, that our rights will be stripped away? I made the point that now is more important than ever to be in constant contact with our senators, representatives and assembly members on local, state, and federal levels. How can they represent us if they don’t know where we stand? Too many people won’t take the fifteen minutes to write a letter or fire off an e-mail.

I’ll be posting links to find out where to contact your representatives shortly.

Interesting fact about the hate mail my blog entry about the election generated: All the negative comments were merely attacks. There was not a single articulated argument about the opposite viewpoint. No discussion, no list of evidence, no facts to support the opposite position. I’m more than willing to listen to the opposite position, reasoned out and supported with evidence. But not one e-mail contained any of that. It was all along the lines of “you unpatriotic bitch” and worse. All that does is reinforce the position that the current administration promotes intolerance.

I wear the Bitch Badge with pride. And I stand by my right to articulate my opinion, as protected by the Constitution.

And to those of you who e-mailed me to tell me you agree, thank you for your support.

Wrote an episode and a half of Angel Hunt this morning before I had to catch the train.

Today, on my way to day work, a group of male tourists hung out in front of a closed storefront on Fifth Avenue. Yes, closed storefronts do exist on Fifth Avenue. And the economy has improved where . . .? They were already drunk and reeking of beer before noon, making rude comments to women, grabbing asses, etc. One woman cracked one of the guys across the nose with her briefcase.

When they started verbally hassling me (damn, I am NOT crossing the street), I said, “Better get outta Dodge, boys.”

The response: “We put Bush back in the White House. We can do anything, anytime, anywhere to anybody we fuckin’ want. I can knock you up and knock you around as much as I fuckin’ want because it’s my fuckin’ right.”

My response. “Not in this town.”

A couple of cops convinced them to move along and keep their hands to themselves. Maybe I should have waited until one of them laid a hand on me so I could: 1) kick his ass and 2) press charges.

This is what we have to look forward to for the next four years.

Day work was fine.

I’m almost done with the first draft of the new story, and I got an idea for yet another story (this one has nothing to do with Congress Corners). I need a title for the first story, but that’ll come.

Off on a road trip tomorrow up to Massachusetts. I can hardly wait.



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